Lamar Odom wants out of reality TV, Khloe struggling between family and fame. Khloe, is torn between keeping her reality fame and a stable marriage with Lamar, a source close to the family tells Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner is convincing her that quitting television is basically not an option for her, but Lamar is so done.

“Lamar wants out of the reality TV limelight, but Khloe is convinced that if Lamar doesn’t continue being on TV with her, there would be NO Khloe,” the source says. “The whole reason Khloe has become so popular is because of her marriage to Lamar. She obviously doesn’t want Lamar to be unhappy, but she knows that all the drama makes for good TV. Fame is Khloe’s number one priority. Unfortunately, this is what she has been taught. Same goes for Kim; fame will always be more important than husbands and boyfriends.”

The source says that things are already strained in the relationship thanks to Khloe’s pursuit of fame.

“All this fame stuff is taking a HUGE toll on Khloe’s relationship with Lamar. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start going to couple’s counseling,” the source said. “Most likely Khloe will want it to be filmed. It’s really unfortunate because at the beginning, Lamar and Khloe were so close. However, Lamar isn’t just married to Khloe. He is married to the entire Kardashian empire! And believe me, it’s not like Kris Jenner is giving Khloe any sound advice on what to do to help her relationship with Lamar. It’s all about ratings!”

Lamar apparently feels the televised aspect of their relationship was far more intensive than he had previously been led to believe.

“Lamar never thought that being part of the reality show would have such a huge impact on his life,” the source said. “At the beginning, Lamar thought it would actually be fun to part of the show. But when he got let go from Lakers, he realized that the show was nothing but a distraction. The show started taking a toll on Lamar and Khloe’s relationship when he got traded. It was kind of a wake-up call for Lamar. He’s scared about his future and his career.”

It seems that in the ball is in Lamar’s court now; on and off of the job.

“Of course, Lamar is not obligated to star in any more Kardashian reality shows, but Khloe would be devastated if he said no,” the source said. “Khloe may end up having to chose between her marriage or reality TV and fame. Is Kris ruining her daughters’ lives ?”

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