Kris Humphries wants to prove Kim Kardashian never had sex with him. Not only does Kris want Kim to admit that she planned her divorce to him after just 72 days, and that she willingly entered into a fraudulant marriage, but now he’s out to reveal intimate details about their non-existent sex life!

“Kim’s freaking out,” a source tells Life & Style. “All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court — even their sex life.”

Another source adds that Kim and Kris stopped having sex after they were married on Aug. 22 in the lavish Montecito, Calif., ceremony: ”Almost immediately after the wedding, they stopped having sex.”

Kris also wants to take Kim’s mom/manager Kris Jenner to court and prove that she favored Kim will she was supposed to representing them both in deals as a couple.

“When you have two clients, they’re supposed to be treated equally,” a source adds. “It was a conflict of interest.”

But Kris reportedly has huge plans to air Kim’s dirty laundry. He wants to prove the show Kourtney & Kim Take New York was fully scripted and that Kim used Kris to make money.

“Kim has no interest in dragging out the divorce,” a source adds. “Or having it play out on TV. Believe it or not, she’s a private person. She feels like she’s trapped in a nightmare that just won’t end”

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