Kris Humphries Says He’ll never marry another fake woman like Kim Kardashian. “Kris is so over Kim,” a source close to the 27-year-old NBA pro tells HollywoodLife. “He says he never even really knew who the real Kim was.”

Adds the source, “The Kim Kris fell in love with doesn’t exist anymore. Of course, she broke his heart, but Kris feels he’s a better person now.”

Kris is trying to get over Kim, who sought a divorce from him after only 72 days of marriage, so it’s not surprising he’d be hurt. He find out about the face that she filed for divorce over the radio, and he’s been subjected to overwhelming boos at nearly every basketball game. It doesn’t mean he won’t be searching for a wifey ever again.

“Kris is more clear about the type of woman he eventually wants to marry and he doesn’t want her to be anything like the Kim you see on the reality show,” the source says.

“Kris was in great spirits at his birthday party in NYC. Although he isn’t dating anyone right now, it was fun for him to get so much female attention. The girls were just flocking to him. His sister Kaela has been his biggest support and she is so happy to see Kris finally coming out if his funk.”

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