Kim Kardashian is attempting to pay off Kris Humphries in order for him to stop talking and go away, but he’s not interested in any of her millions of dollars, reports Radar Online. He has another agenda completely.

“There have been informal settlement talks going on between Kim and Kris’ respective lawyers,” a source said. “Team Humphries has made it crystal clear though that Kris isn’t seeking any money from Kim. Kris doesn’t want one penny from her.”

If he doesn’t want a cent, what’s does he want from his ex?

“His lawyers have said the only terms acceptable for a settlement would be if Kim agrees to Kris’ contention that the marriage was a fraud,” the insider explained. “There is a stand-off at this point because Kim will never agree to that, she says the marriage wasn’t a fraud. It just didn’t work out.

If Kris and Kim can’t handle the settlement privately and outside of court, they’ll have to go to trial. Such trial will be televised, and that’s the last thing Kim wants right now.

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