People, believe me when I tell you..I always try to find something positive to say when I’m reviewing a show..especially a show I like, but I thought last nights Dancing with the Star premiere was kinda lame!

I didn’t see any knockout performances, mostly so-so dancing with very little to rave about! I’m not too pleased with season 10’s cast, but I’m looking past that and going on what I see with the dancing!

I think Chad kinda got the shaft, and that could be cuz he was the 1st one, but still..I didn’t think he was THAT bad! I think he’s going to better than the other football guys on previous seasons, including Jerry Rice!

I’m almost forced to root for Jake(Sorry Ashley! Lol) cuz of Chelsie! I like her the best as far as dancers..that a little weird seeing Gia sitting there with Vienna. It was probably a setup thing from ABC, but it was a little awkward,to say the least!

I think Nicole has a huge advantage being a front woman in a dance style pop act! I won’t go into my usual diatribe about that, but its clear from her performance, she’s already at the head of the pack!

We were made to wait for Kate Gosselin and Pam Anderson, like a headline act at a concert, and just as I thought, it wasn’t good! It’s nice to see Kate get a little blasting from the me mean, but I think she’s oblivious to the fact that’s she not loved by America like she was at the height of the popularity of “Jon and Kate plus 8”, so I don’t think she’ll be around as long as the show would like her to be..

I thought Pam wasn’t flat out horrible but she wasn’t spectacular neither!

I didn’t like Buzz, I think having the older contestant is waste of might be kinda nice, like seeing Uncle Joe get up and dance at a wedding but not the best TV watching!

I think it’s way too early for tears, Shannen and Niecy! Not big fans of theirs..

I don’t think Erin’s as hot as everyone thinks, but she’s got some potential with those long legs! I think Aiden got bashed on a little too hard but maybe I didn’t see him doing that bad cuz I was watching Edyta and her cool dress!

I have no clue who will be voted off, but I’d say Buzz, Shannen and Niecy should be in the bottom 3, how about you?

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