Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban says Kris Humphries can’t prove the marriage was fake. HollywoodLife spoke with Kim’s best friend and Kourtney & Kim Take New York star, Jonathan Cheban at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio Fashion Show and he revealed what he thought of Kris’ Access Hollywood interview and why he thinks it’s shocking Kris wants to battle with Kim in the public eye!

“I mean for a guy that doesn’t like [media attention] … it’s really weird that he’s pushing for that to happen,” Jonathan tells us. “Kim is not doing the fighting, it’s up to the lawyers now. I just think that if he wants to keep pursuing it, he obviously has a big issue.”

But can Kris prove the wedding was fake by having Kim’s sisters subpoenaed to testify and show allegedly mis-edited Kourtney & Kim Take New York footage?

“The wedding was not fake, he’ll never be able to prove that the marriage and wedding was fake. It’s impossible,” Jonathan explains.”The wedding was real. I was there from the beginning where Kim was like ‘He’s cute, that guy, I want to meet him!’ You know what I mean? It could never work in court.”

Jonathan also stated that that he’s currently planning another reality show and he’d love to have a spinoff with Kim!

“I’m working on something right now that I’m developing that will be bigger than the show we already have [The Spin Crowd],” he tells us. “Having a spinoff with Kim would be amazing. She and I vibe really great and we’re obviously really close friends. We’d do it the right way.”

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