Jersey Shore’s Snooki rumored to be pregnant and leaving the Shore. The 24-year-old reality starlet has made it more than clear that she is in a stable relationship with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, but rumors are popping up in Star Magazine that Snooki may be entering motherhood..

Is it possible Snooki will be preparing herself for a Shore leave and expecting a little bambino of her own?

The truth is, Snooki’s rep confirms to E! News that there is no truth to the rumors. and that Snooks is most definitely not pregnant. Even Snooki herself denied the rumor while speaking with Opie and Anthony this morning.

“Does that mean they’re calling me fat?” she asked. “That means that I have a belly, then.” And que the self-conscious questions about her body-image. Even though she released photos without make-up on, looking wonderful, we can only hope she won’t start questioning her rockin’ new bod.

“It’s actually at this point insulting,” JWoww added to Snooki’s reaction, responding not only to the pregnancy rumors but all rumors surrounding them in general.

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