Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 4 spoilers have been leaked! The ‘Free Vinny’ episode won’t air until January 26, but a couple of juicy spoilers are available for your Jersey appetite.  Consider this your spoiler alert..go ahead, give into that temptation and get a sneak peek of what’s to come on Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 4.

Spoiler #1 – Mike Returns! After quitting the MTV reality show in the previous episode, Mike decides to return to Seaside Heights and finish out the rest of the season with his Jersey Shore roommates at the shore house.

Spoiler #2 –  Upon his return, Mike reacts after finding out Danny’s threat to find two new tenants to replace him and Vinny in the house and on the job.

Spoiler #3 – Snooki, JWoWW, Deena, and Sammi hire some X-Rated entertainment to celebrate Mike and Pauly’s birthdays.

Spoiler #4 – Now that they have Mike back the gang wants the whole family back together. They head to Staten Island to convince Vinny to return to the shore with them.

Jersey Shore Season 5 airs Thursdays on MTV at 10pm ET/PT.


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