Another night of Ice Loves Coco Season 3 is upon us and it looks like we have some Ball Envy going on tonight with Ice-T and Coco. It is particularly between them though, as we see their dogs Spartacus and Maximus cause quite an uproar when they go to doggy day camp. It is kind of funny to see, but then sad at the same time on Ice Loves Coco 2012. They are a cute couple, but they can be annoying at times on Ice Loves Coco Season 3.

It seems that Spartacus and Maximus are not neutered and that cause an uproar at the doggy day camp and dogs must be put away in order for Coco’s dogs to walk through. They then are put in a secluded room and not allowed to play with the other dogs! That is just crazy and it is sad to see, but then again, let’s just snip some balls off and let the dogs play away. We have seen the dogs humping pillows and furniture in previous episodes, so I think they are well overdue for some neutering on Ice Loves Coco Season 3.

Also tonight, it looks like Ice-T is handing over the reins of a huge music project to his friend Marc Live. Things can get fishy when you put all your trust in friends, at least for me. I need to be in control of things and I think Ice will be the same way. We shall find out tonight in my Ice Loves Coco 2012 recap, so come back and see what all goes down! You won’t want to miss a thing.

We start out seeing Ice and Coco out walking the dogs, which Ice can’t tell them apart.

We see Marc and Mickey going to look at Ice and Coco’s new house, which is under construction still. Coco has turned two rooms into a closet for herself. Ice said everyone calls Marc Live his son and he has produced a lot of his records. They want him to head-up the new artist they are working with and he is excited because he needs the money.

Now we see Coco take Spartacus and Maximus to the doggy day camp, which all the dogs needs to be put away in order for them to be put away. They have not been neutered, so they can’t play with other dogs. Ice calls this ballism!

Now we get a look at Zieme, who is Ice’s R&B protege. Marc Live will be working with him closely, so it is a big deal. Ice said Zieme is putting some bread on the butter and now Marc will be Zieme’s go-to man. It is his chance to shine as a producer and tells him not to drop the ball.

Coco takes the dogs to the vet and they discuss neutering. She feels like she is taking away their manhood, but the vet says they would be in and out in one day. I am just wondering how many times Coco can say balls? She then heads home and talks to Ice about neutering the dogs, but Ice is having none of it. He thinks people have nut hate.

Coco meets with Diana and she said she is out dating again, but not looking for anything serious. Coco then feeds the dogs some of her frozen yogurt and they talk about the neutering thing again. Apparently it is all about the dogs’ balls tonight. Diana said there are things called neuticles, which are fake dog balls to make them feel like they still have their balls…oh lord!

We see Ice on set at Law & Order: SVU and he is so busy, but he is tripping because he wants to be in there working with Zieme. He said he is not used to being away from the music studio, but he has trust in Marc Live.

Ice finally gets a moment off and they are home and Coco tells him about the neuticles idea for the dogs. Ice tries to quote Shakespeare to her, but she corrects him and said it is Sir Walter Scott! The phone rings and it is Marc calling. He said all the songs are done, but he is worried. The mix is complete, but he is worried.

Marc Live gets to the penthouse and he said he is worried about the quality of it and he is not sure if Ice will like it since he wasn’t there. They take a listen to the CD. Coco said she loves it and Ice asks why he worried because it is dope. Ice said no time to second guess himself and Zieme is for the ladies and if Coco likes it, then they may have hit their target market on Ice Loves Coco Season 3.

Coco then heads out with Maximus and Spartacus to meet with Dr. Lewis Berman, Park Avenue’s Pet Whisperer. She wanted to ask about the neuticles and she doesn’t want to get rid of something that is part of them. Dr. Berman said that their balls are beautiful. Is this awkward to anyone else on Ice Loves Coco 2012?

They then get some samples and Coco starts comparing the neuticles to the actual balls on the dogs. He said he needs a week to schedule the appointment and Coco is now on board with getting neuticles, but she must convince Ice. She mentions it to him and Ice is against it all. Coco said she doesn’t like his energy right now. Ice said that Coco is insane, but not criminally insane and now she is trying to castrate his dog and she is crossing the line. Coco likes options. Ice said she is the mother and what does she want to do…that means the dogs will be getting neuticles, right?

Coco said she has thought about it long and hard and she believes they should keep the balls. He is still young and it wouldn’t be the same dog. They agree if it becomes a health issue then neuticles it is! So, we wasted a whole show on neutering the dogs and they never do it?

They then head out on Ice Loves Coco Season 3 to celebrate Marc Live and Zieme and the great job they did on the album. Coco said they made her groove to it. Ice said that Coco has great taste and she tastes like a grape slushie on a summer day. Coco calls him a dork!

That’s it for this week on Ice Loves Coco Season 3. Did you get enough ball talk tonight?

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