Last night on the Hunted finale results revealed which of the three finale teams would make it out and escape capture to bring home the grand prize money.

3 Teams on Hunted Finale

We’ve watched this season as six of the original nine pairs of Fugitives were captured through either their own foolish moves or easily made slips but these last three groups were nearly through the competition and that means the pressure is on the Hunters to stop them.

I was expecting either Lee & Hilmar or Aarif & Immad to make it out with the win here, but that was before I saw the sneak peek clips revealing Aarif & Immad being traced to their next location with Hunters waiting in the woods around them. That isn’t giving me the warm fuzzies for their chances, but let’s see if they can surprise us.

The finale picks up with a focus on English & Stephen as the Hunters bribe an acquaintance to give up info on where they’ve been going. While the Hunters work on that info we’re seeing the team catch a ride with a stranger and we’re off again.

Aarif & Immad have been tracked to a rundown farm after catching a ride from their friend Sam. The Hunters have an eye on Sam’s cell phone and that leads to their new location. That’s not good for these guys. “Send everybody,” says Command Center.

As the Hunters drive up they are blocked by a gate but soon jump over it. Aarif & Immad see them coming in and start to run while the Hunters move in. Their gear is spotted confirming the guys are likely still on the premises. Doesn’t look long for the pair. Sure enough, the team is discovered behind a pile of mulch and can’t run. Aarif & Immad were captured.

Team Aarif & Immad were caught on Hunted!

Team Aarif & Immad on Hunted

Now we’re learning more details about the end of the road. Both of the final two teams must login to a website and discover their final destination: a getaway plane. With this information revealed their locations will be sent to Command Center. Next the teams must go to a bank, secure their money, then escape to the airport and fly away. The Command Center is only informed the escape will be by air within 100 miles of Atlanta.

English decides to use their ride’s cell phone, but Stephen thinks that’s a bad idea. Too late. English makes the call to English’s sister for a ride to the airport. Command Center quickly tracks that call to its location. Sigh.

Over to Lee & Hilmar as the Hunters track down where they got their final destination information. It’s their friend Topher who reveals way too much information with details on the gas station which leads the Command Center to footage identifying the car and its license plate. Good grief.

Stephen & English get some good luck after finding a spot for their tent. The homeowner offers them a car full of gas to continue their journey. English realized the mistake she made with that call and needs to make a new plan.

Meanwhile, Lee & Hilmar are being tracked thanks to their license plate on the Impala their driving. The Hunters hit the road coming after them as the guys plan to spend the night in the car.

Back to S&E, they’re going to use the call mistake to their advantage and make another call. This time English gives her sister destination information which the Command Center intercepts. Hunters head to the location but we’re expecting S&E to drive in a different way. Excellent.

It’s Day 28, the final day of the journey. Lee & Hilmar wake for the last leg of their trip and head to the bank. Stephen & English are making the same trip that morning. Back at the Command Center they’re scrambling.

Both teams arrive at their respective banks, withdraw their $250K, and run. Yes, they’re traveling on foot because the last leg of this trip must be done without a car. Both teams are running to their airport.

Command Center is immediately alerted to this which gives them the location. Using that location the Hunters who are to purchase AR-15 magazines, just have to find the closest airport. Geez.

Lee & Hilmar are struggling. Actually it’s Lee who is struggling. They’ve got 2 miles to go and Lee can’t do it. He’s down on the ground while Hilmar is trying to keep him going. Arrgh! Get up and run!

Stephen & English are arriving at the marina where they’re going to take a sea plane. The Hunters were anticipating this as an alternative to throw them off. The team makes it to the boat at the dock as the Hunters try calling but can’t reach the pilot. Both Stephen & English are in the plane and ready to take off… they escape!

Lee & Hilmar finally make it to the airport and there’s the plane! They scramble on board in a nice little private jet (much better than a seaplane) and are off in to the air. They escape!

Out of the original 9 teams only 2 escaped. Team Lee & Hilmar and Team Stephen & English both win Hunted and its $250,000 prize. Congrats to the teams.

Who Won Hunted & Who Was Caught? Finale Results:

  • Team Aarif & Immad – Status: CAPTURED
  • Team Lee & Hilmar – Status: ESCAPED
  • Team Stephen & English – Status: ESCAPED

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