After Emiley made a serious error in judgment on Hunted when she left an imprint of her plans with David for their entire journey they’ve taken a new path, but the Hunters have a new plan of their own.

David & Emiley hike on Hunted CBS

When things left off in the first episode of Hunted the Hunters had just spotted David & Emiley’s getaway car, but thanks to the video below we have Hunted spoilers revealing they weren’t captured in that move and their journey continues. This time they’re out of the trunk though and moving on foot.

Picking up in the video we see that Emiley and David got away from the men who had tracked them to their friend’s neighborhood so that cliffhanger is resolved for us ahead of tonight’s show. Here they’re trying to change things up by hiking through 46 acres of woods to catch a ride on the other side.

As they work through the woods we catch David discussing leaving a burner phone behind in hopes it’ll throw the Hunters off the trail. So that should answer one of our readers’ questions about if burner phones are allowed. Doesn’t sound like that worked though when a buzzing overhead reveals a drone has been deployed to spot them. Now that sounds like things are very close on their trail if the team after them suspects they’re close enough to find them with eyes in the sky.

Check out the clip below. Do you think David & Emiley could be next pair captured on Hunted? We’ll find out tonight with the second episode of the season.

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