Hunted is back on CBS this Wednesday with only four teams of Fugitives left in the season and three episodes left to go as the March 1st finale date closes in like Hunters on the trail!

Hunted show on CBS - Biggest Manhunt

The latest teaser suggests Hunted spoilers that another team is about to be captured and this time it looks like that could be trouble for David & Emiley, but of course this wouldn’t be the first close call they’ve had so far.

In the teaser preview below we see David and Emiley stressing that someone could be catching up to them. Next thing we see is the Hunters surrounding a home in the woods, seemingly similar to the area where we saw the Fugitives last. Of course don’t forget the last time the Hunters surrounded a house for Thu and Sentra it turned out to be empty so we could just be getting another false hype here.

I hope Team Emiley & David don’t get caught because I’m thinking they’re getting a lot of play time with their introduction on the season premiere and having them make it the full duration of the season would play well to the edit.

So far one team has been caught each episode of Hunted and only one pair per episode. That’s selective editing working there rather than the real timeline, a change I’d like to see in future seasons should there be more. If that pattern continues then we’ll probably see one more caught this week and maybe we’ll end up with just one slipping through to the finish line. Fingers crossed that at least one of them makes it!

Watch the Hunted preview clip below and get ready for Wednesday’s episode on CBS at 8/7c! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for more Hunted coverage too.