We’ve got two new clips for the Hunted 2017 finale with spoilers revealing just how close the Hunters are about to be with capturing one of the last three teams during Wednesday night’s last episode of the season.

Immad worries on Hunted 2017

As it turns out, Aarif & Immad’s help from Sam in the last episode may be their undoing this week. We know from the clip below that they’ve escaped to a new location, a recently revealed Hunted rule that the Fugitives must move every 48 hours, and that gave the Command Center an opening.

During the Hunted clip below there’s a moment where the Command Center is reviewing a map that shows “Sam Ping” which suggests they were tracing Sam’s cell phone when he dropped Aarif & Immad off at a rundown old hideout. The team doesn’t know it yet, but it looks like that lead the Hunters right to them as they prepare to swarm in and capture the pair.

This could be really bad news for the guys as they’re talking about having just arrived and expecting to have a little more time before the Hunters could be on to their new location. If they think they have time to relax then they could be caught napping when the Command Center sends in the cavalry.

Next up we’ve got English and Stephen hopping rides on their journey with little sign of concern or worries. We do find out though that a “Wanted” poster was published in the local paper which could definitely put the spotlight on the pair.

I wouldn’t have expected these two to make it so far in their journey and I’ll be shocked if they survive the full 28 days. If we see them make it to the end but the guys caught then that’ll be a twist that I didn’t expect.

As for Lee & Hilmar, we’ve got nothing on them for the Hunted finale. They seem like a likely choice if anyone is going to make it to the end so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there. Think they’ll win Hunted? We’ll find out Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS!