Hunted continued as we settled in for the chase to see who got caught last night or if it’d be like last week with another round of escapes by the Fugitives. This is the second to last episode of the season so there isn’t much time left!

Immad rests on Hunted

Since the editing of Hunted follows no actual timeline, despite being centered around a timeline, it’s impossible for us to know what stage these Fugitive teams are in their adventure, but for us it’s about to come to a close so let’s find out who makes it to the finale.

Four teams are left on the run and we’ve got a few of them being hotly chased by the Command Center. David and Emiley narrowly escaped capture after the Hunters went to the wrong house. Then Aarif & Immad got out of a shopping center just ahead of their pursuers for another close call. But that was last week and we’ve got another show here to watch.

We’ll be covering tonight’s episode live here so stick with us for the latest Hunted results. Who do you hope to see make it out and stay on the run? Four pairs and two episodes left could leave us with a string of fast nabs as the pressure builds.

While David & Emiley sleep in their car after the narrow escape the Hunters turn their attention to Immad & Aarif. The Command Center quickly gets the license plate of their getaway car and even the cell phone of that driver. Soon they’ll be tracking them through this info as the guys try to move to their next hiding spot.

Lee & Hilmar are making a potentially risky move by heading back to where they started, Atlanta. They figure the area has already been picked over and the Hunters have hopefully moved on. At the Command Center we hear they’re tipped off to looking in Atlanta after a friend’s post on FB so this could get messy.

Looking to throw off the Hunters, Lee & Hilmar post the Hunters’ cell number to Craigslist and there’s a lot of calls coming in. Initially this confuses the Command Center as they try to sort things out but then they hope to use those same CL posts to track the source and find out where the guys are.

English and Stephen are again trying to move about with the help of English’s friends and that’s giving the Hunters plenty of leads as they look to these same contacts. One of them is someone English hasn’t contacted in 15 years which makes it ridiculous for the Command Center to even be remotely on to this person, but that’s how the show has been going all season.

Uh oh, David and Emiley. Their license plate has been caught by the Command Center and suddenly their being tracked up and down the highway. It gets worse when they’re spotted and three of the Hunters’ vehicles are trailing them while David & Emiley remain unaware.

Finally Emiley catches on and the panic begins. They want to head to a gated community but won’t that just make them fish in a barrel? I can’t imagine this will end well for the Fugitives.

The team gets off the highway and briefly lose them but that doesn’t last long. The Hunters are back on their trail in a neighborhood and ready when David & Emiley make a run for it. They take off in opposite directions but it’s too late. Hunters catch both Emiley and David. Their adventure is over. Dang!

Team David & Emiley were caught on Hunted!

Team David & Emiley on Hunted

These two were the only Fugitives caught tonight which leaves us with three teams heading in to next week’s season finale of Hunted. I’m disappointed that won’t include Team David and Emiley, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for the other three pairs.

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