Fugitives are on the run and the Command Center looks to be closing in this week on Hunted. Who got caught last night? It’s time to find out.

Robert Clark tracks English & Stephen on Hunted

Four teams are left on the go and that means the Hunters have double the manpower to focus with less than half the runners still on the road. The pressure is on so let’s get to it.

This round Hunted was following Stephen & English, Aarif & Immad, David & Emiley, and Lee & Hilmar. So far in this week’s Hunted sneak peek we knew English and Stephen were considering meeting up with her sister in search of shelter at only Day 6. I don’t know how they’ll make it 28 days if they’re already struggling at under a week, but maybe they’ll surprise us.

The show picks up with the Hunters moving in on where they think they’ve got David & Emiley surrounded. The Hunters are in position all around the house as they move in, but are they inside?

No! The house is empty and the Hunters are shocked to discover there is no one around so they quickly expand their search to another house right by them. Meanwhile David thinks he hears someone inbound and decides to leave just before the Hunters arrive. David’s friend keeps the Hunters busy while they escape down the road. That was close!

Stephen and English are continuing their journey toward Charleston with hopes of meeting up with her sister, but she discourages that idea after the Hunters had visited her.

Aarif & Immad are on the move and taking risks to keep ahead of the Hunters. They caught a ride to Athens and took shelter at a nearby mosque before Immad used an ATM, a move that quickly set off alarms at the Command Center.

Now we get the “$250,000 Gamble” as Lee & Hilmar fly in Lee’s wife for a quick visit. Yes, they are risking their game to bring her down on a small plane to say “Hi” and discover whether their baby will be a boy or a girl. This doesn’t seem smart or necessary at all, but they get away with it while taunting the Hunters via a photo shared to Facebook.

As the episode wraps up we’re back to David and Emiley as the Command Center tracks down their license plate after figuring out their friend works at a GMC dealership. That’s going to make things tough for those two if they don’t figure it out before the Hunters show up on their tail.

So who got caught on Hunted last night? No one! All four of the teams stayed ahead of the Hunters and are still in the game for next week’s episode. Nice work.

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