Hunted is back and we’re ready to find out who got caught last night with only five pairs of evaders left in the mix and all of them with the chance to runaway with the $250,000 prize money.

Team Emiley & David evade capture on Hunted

One team has fallen each round and with the late introduction of tonight’s last team, Stephen and English, I’m a little worried they may have a short run on the show especially considering the awful weather conditions they quickly face. It’s time to find out just what happened this week on Hunted.

As for the Hunted schedule, we’re only four weeks away from the season finale for the first year of the show on CBS and while we haven’t heard for sure whether or not CBS is renewing the show we do know the second season’s casting for Hunted is open if you think you’ve got what it takes.

Back to the action at hand, we’ve got five pairs and four weeks to get through. Could that pace suggest one team does slip through the cracks and make it to the payoff finish line? Well I sure hope someone does, right? Let’s see how things go for the new team of Stephen and English along with the other four already on the go.

We’ll be live recapping this week’s episode of Hunted right here so stick with us for the latest results.

Things pick back up with Hunters on the trail of Sentra and Thu but lucky for those two they already got out of town and back out in to the wild. Thu’s friend Rob is getting grilled and gives up some information, but will it be enough for the Hunters to keep tracking them down?

Now we’ve got Aarif & Immad making a try for some cash by crossing a lake and walking to an ATM. They get a ride back and luckily get just ahead of the Hunters rolling through the shopping center parking lot. Editing makes that looks close, but it’s hard to be sure. Now the guys have to get back across the lake before they run out of steam.

Ahh, here come the last two Fugitives, Stephen and English King. They grab their bags and hit the road leaving three children behind with a caregiver. The Hunters are quick to get on the trail and research the last known locations to get things rolling.

We get an update for Sentra and Thu as they’ve now reached Day 14, the halfway mark for their adventure. They decide to celebrate. Oops. Hunters pick up their license plate on a roadside reader letting them know where to look for the team. Considering we haven’t seen anything on them for awhile and suddenly jump ahead that makes me think they’ll soon be caught if it’s the same as the editing keeps doing week after week.

Yep. The Thu and Sentra decide to park and eat their Taco Bell lunch. That was a bad idea as the Hunters were rolling through that parking lot, found them, and blocked their car. Their journey ended on Day 14 (or so, depending on the edit).

Team Thu & Sentra were caught on Hunted!

Team Sentra & Thu on Hunted

It’s a real shame that editing can’t do better than introduce Fugitives and then when we don’t see anything on them then it’s suddenly weeks later that we can expect them to immediately be caught. Get creative, Hunted.

Moving back to Aarif & Immad, they’re back on the go the next morning but so are the Hunters and they’ve got a helicopter to boot. Will the guys get back across the lake before they’re spotted? Yep, they made it through but now they worry about being the only “brown guys” at the campground. Time to change up their look as Aarif heads in to the shower to shave off his hair and beard.

This week’s Hunted episode wraps up there. One more team has been caught again this week. Five episodes, five teams caught. Four teams left, three episodes left. Anyone now expecting just one team to make it through? Fun show, but editing needs to get more creative.

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