Ready for the latest Hunted spoilers on who was caught? CBS aired its new episode last night with the arrival of two more teams bringing our total to eight of the season’s anticipated nine pairs on a dash to keep on the run for 28 days.

Hunters on CBS's show "Hunted"

This week we’ve got Team Tran and Team Brah with the focus expected to be on how social media could be the undoing for Miles and Will when the Hunters set up a phony dating app account to try and draw them out. If that works then this is going to be hilarious.

As a schedule reminder, this week’s show runs just one hour as it settles in to its regular routine of Wednesdays at 8/7c for the next month ahead of the season finale on March 1, 2017.

At last check we were down three teams on who has been caught on Hunted leaving with with six pairs out on the loose. Well, only three actively loose in the show’s timeline with three more to be added over the next two shows. Last week it was Troy & Chele along with Angela & Michele, but that leaves David & Emiley, Lee & Hilmar, and Aarif & Immad. Best of luck to all the teams!

This week’s episode picks up with Aarif & Immad as they work on a plan to shift from their friend Meadow’s friend’s place. The Hunters aren’t far behind as they’re narrowing down on that farm, but will they get there before the guys take off?

Jumping to someone new we’re meeting Team Miles & Will and their plan to blend in with their peers and seek shelter among a new network of friends. If they’re all new then there’s no way to anticipate their next connection, or so they hope. The start of their plan doesn’t take long as they’ve already met a female college student willing to put them up for the night.

Team Miles & Will hit the beach on Hunted

Here comes another new pair of evaders with Team Tran featuring Sentra and Thu, a couple of friends since childhood. Sentra plans to use her gamer skills to get an edge while Thu expects to use her professional creativity to help them work out problems. Their journey begins as they plan to head off the grid and rough it in the wild.

Making a leap in the timeline we’re up to Day 15 for Team Will & Miles with a couple of very sun worn looking guys. They’re still wandering the beaches and it’s working out incredibly well for them. I’m impressed and they’ve really surprised me! Then again, remember how poorly things turned out for Troy & Chele when things suddenly leaped forward? Could be a repeat here.

As Will & Miles settle in for a night in the carport of their new beach found friend’s place that friend is upstairs plotting to turn the guys in for the reward she’s seen posted. It’s certainly interesting how these guys show up then the homeowner magically finds that “WANTED” poster. Her friends talk her down from calling in for the money so sounds like Will & Miles are safe for another night.

Moving back to Thu and Sentra, they’ve been tracked by purchasing a burner phone and the investigators connected that phone with one of Thu’s friends in Florida. The Hunters head in that direction and end up at her friend’s house, but are they still there?

Whiplash back to the guys and the sister of that tempted homeowner ends up calling in on the tip line and gives the Hunters a lead. The guys get a ride farther south, but a cell phone in the mix lets the Hunters know just where to go next. Now we’re seeing if they can move fast enough to catch Will & Miles in that town.

Just when it looks like the guys have found safe haven on a boat the drones go up and the Hunters have them spotted out in the harbor. Now they just need to get hands-on to call it a day. The guys aren’t giving up though as their hosts are trying their best to get them to land before the Hunters reach them. They made a fighting chance at it, but their game is over as the guys are caught at the end of the pier.

Team Miles & Will were caught on Hunted!

Team Miles & Will on Hunted

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