We’re back with CBS’s Hunted and a two-hour episode to keep things rolling as we’re await the other six pairs of Fugitives and the chance to see who was next to get caught on Hunted last night.

Clark at Hunted Command Center

Three couples have made their debut and one of them was already caught but that leaves us with six more to even discover and see their journey begin. Time for the latest Hunted results from this week’s episode as the series settles in to its regular schedule of Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT.

Ahead this episode we’ve got Troy & Chele, Lee & Hilmar, and Aarif & Immad as they prepare to launch their (hopeful) 28-day run and chance at the $250K prize. After seeing how easily a game-ending mistake could be made in the last show we know there are some big pitfalls for these players just waiting to find them.

Not only will we meet the next group of runners, but it’s also a chance to catch up on David & Emiley along with Angela & Michele, both teams are still on the run though David & Emiley still don’t know how badly Emiley may have hurt their chances with the calendar info she left behind.

I’ll be live updating this post here during the show as we watch to see who got caught and who escapes to run another day on Hunted.

Just as we shared in our Hunted spoilers David & Emiley successfully escaped from the Hunters after hiding in the trunk of David’s friend’s car. They’re off to their next stop, a remote farmhouse.

Angela & Michele are still wandering the woods so the Hunters don’t have them but they do have Angela’s daughter. She agrees to an interview and reveals there’s a third friend in Augusta, Robin. Well there’s a new venue to pursue, but nothing yet.

Hold that thought. The Hunters travel to Robin’s home in Augusta and set up a stake out across the street. Sure enough, Robin has just picked up the women and told them they can stay at her house. Oops.

Jumping over to David & Emiley has a fun twist as they set up a fake rental car agreement and had another friend drive it to Atlanta. The Hunters took the bait and took off after them only to discover once there it was all bogus. David & Emiley are now 100+ miles away.

Checking in on Troy & Chele, it’s Day 12 for them. DAY 12! They’ve been hiding on a hiking trail for all this time. That’s awesome, but I’m worried about their chances given that we’ve suddenly jumped ahead so far. Yep, come the Hunters at their very same campsite and Troy spots a suspicious van nearby so it’s time to change course. That seems to be working at the moment.

Looks like the game could be up for Angela and Michele… Yep! After the Hunters confirmed them at their friend’s house they were able to track them to another nearby location. Both women are caught in the car with their friend. Angela is upset that she let her daughter down. Just wait until she finds out that her daughter led the Hunters to her!

Team Angela & Michele were caught on Hunted!

Team Angela & Michele on Hunted

Turns out Emiley & David escaped that woods hike without issue and took off for their next destination. The threat of a drone overhead came up empty and the Hunters never got close to them.

Having some bad luck is Lee & Hilmar after they discover the investigators have become aware of a series of letters they sent out. This was their low-tech attempt mixed with high-tech information exchanges. That idea is over now and they’re feeling vulnerable with little immediate contact plans as a result.

Bad luck aplenty here as Troy & Chele spent weeks in the woods and finally step foot in a house with Chele’s childhood friend when suddenly the Hunters are in the driveway. Intelligence sent them there based on responses to a “Wanted” poster they placed on Troy’s social media page. Lots of blind luck there, huh?

Troy & Chele head out the backdoor with whatever they can grab while Chele’s friend is out front talking to them. The Hunters are suspicious so they circle the property and… sure enough! They’re spotted running across the field and soon captured. Dang, they were doing so well! Troy & Chele made it 18 days on the run.

Team Troy & Chele were caught on Hunted!

Team Troy & Chele on Hunted

Hunted returns next Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS for the regular schedule of one hour shows until the season finale on March 1, 2017. I’m definitely enjoying the series so far and can’t wait to find out who keeps on the run. What about you?

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