Hunted ratings saw a large, though expected, dip following its shift from Sunday’s post-AFC crowd to CBS’s regular schedule for the new series on Wednesday nights. But even with the drop the numbers came out strong and hold promise for Hunted.

Command Center on CBS's Hunted

After starting off with 11.8+ million viewers on its first night for CBS the report from TVbytheNumbers showed a drop to 5.48 million after Hunted’s Wednesday episode. Now there’s nothing at all wrong with nearly five and a half million viewers especially when that puts it at second for the night against the other networks.

Along with the overall viewership dropping for Hunted from its premiere there was also a large drop in the target demo of 18-49 when things went from a 4.1 rating down to 1.3. Quite a drop, but TVbytheNumbers points out that’s actually a good improvement over CBS’s “Undercover Boss” numbers in the same timeslot.

These changes in ratings aren’t surprising since the lead in provided by the AFC game couldn’t be replicated for the second showing so now the test will be to watch the rest of the season’s pattern for a consistent Wednesdays at 8PM performance.

Do you think Hunted’s ratings will hold on, improve, or decline from what you’ve seen so far? I’m staying optimistic for the show and it looks like things could get better especially with a few tweaks as they figure out the best way to deliver the concept.

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