After kicking off their Hunted adventure on CBS’s Reality TV series, childhood friends Angela and Michele snuck away in to the woods and appeared to have a good thing going. That didn’t last too long after family tipped off the Hunters.

Angela and Michele on CBS's Hunted

The pair began with camping out before moving on to staying with a friend, but the Hunters knew to look for them there after Angela’s own daughter let them know about another close friend, Robin. Imagine the women’s surprise when Hunters showed up in Augusta, a town they had never before visited.

Speaking with CBS in their post-capture interview, both Michele and Angela discussed how they ended up caught and getting to see the pieces came together for the Hunters, especially with their surprise arrival at the hair salon on the last day.

So why did the ladies decide to go to a hair salon that day? Michele is a stylist and the two thought they could earn some cash for their adventure with a day’s work. Okay, that’s not a bad plan. Did I miss that explained in the episode or was it more of things lost in the messy edit?

Once they were there Michele said she never felt comfortable and decided it was time to go. And for Robin failing to notice the Hunters outside looking for them? They just don’t think she noticed. Maybe you’re not as careful when it’s not your game on the line.

In their interview the women note they didn’t even bother to ask the Hunters about how they caught once it was over. “We didn’t have anything to say. I think we were still in shock from being caught,” said Michele to CBS.

Now that Angela has watched the episode and had the chance to see the connection to Robin that her daughter gave away I thought we might hear something about that, but Angela never blamed her. For all we know another source may have already given that connection away, it’s tough to tell with the edit.

Hunted: Team Angela & Michele Captured – Interview

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