Wrapping up the first week of Hunted on CBS we’ve got just five weeks left to go in the new TV show and things are rolling out in an interesting yet muddled way.

Chele Pfost on Hunted CBS

Going in to the season premiere we knew we’d get nine teams made up from the eighteen “Fugitives” on Hunted but the reveal of those pairs and their adventure is much more staggered than I expected. So far we’re already down three teams, one lasting more than two weeks, and there are still another three who haven’t even been shown yet.

While I’m enjoying Hunted so far the timeline method is confusing. In the first episode we saw all three teams start off with Matt & Christina being quickly nabbed. Then in the second show the first episode’s remaining two teams continued their journey. Adding on another three teams things jumped back and forth with Troy & Chele suddenly going from Hour 1 to Day 12 before leaping forward another six or so days, I couldn’t tell, when they were caught. Meanwhile other teams were still on Day 1.

Then there was Angela & Michele who were caught at some point in their journey after spending , um, some amount of time out in the woods. I’m trying to remember how long they lasted, but I can’t. The timelines are overlapped, twisted, and jolting you back and forth.

So what have we got left? Next Wednesday I would have expected the balance of the three teams but CBS’s “next time on” clip revealed we’d just meet two of those three. Huh? Okay, then we’ll get two more next week and then possibly the ninth and final team in the fourth episode of a seven episode season.

There’s obviously only but so much time in an hour show, but they had three hours to work with in Hunted’s premiere week. Couldn’t they have time-aligned these a little more and dumped all nine teams out in those three hours? That would make for a lot of moving pieces at once. What’s the alternative? Fewer teams!

Eighteen people and nine teams is just too much but that seems to be the way CBS likes it. Survivor has too many castaways. Big Brother keeps overloading their house with too many Houseguests compared to the early seasons. CBS loves to run up their rosters I suppose, but I don’t think it works here. If it takes a show five hours to get the entire cast introduced then scale it back.

Hunted is already busy casting for a second season so CBS is interested in more and I’m interested in seeing what they’ve got, but I’m hoping we get some changes. Either roll out the teams quicker or reduce the number then get everyone moving in a closer time alignment. Oh, and add annotations with the timeline, “Day XX,” onscreen. That’d be nice.

Enough ramble ranting. Hunted is back next Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS when we meet two more of the last three teams. So far three of the first six teams have been caught, but the other six pairs still have a shot at winning the $250,000 if they can make it to the end of a 28-day evasion. Think any of them can make that happen?

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