The latest Hunted team to be captured was tracked as far as out to the water requiring a speedy boat race by the Hunters to secure their Fugitives after a valiant effort across the harbor. Watch how things fell apart after week’s of success.

Hunters by Seas on CBS's Hunted show

I really didn’t expect much from Team Will and Miles as their preview suggested they’d spend their time bro’ing it up on the beach but I was pleasantly surprised by just how well they did. At least until some greedy villain ruined their game.

We hadn’t even see Miles or Will in action until this week’s episode of Hunted and there really wasn’t much shared by CBS about their adventure. Things kicked off with the guys roaming South Carolina looking for some willing young ladies to give them shelter. After that they disappeared in to the sand for nearly fifteen days.

By the time we saw them again both of the guys were well worn by the Sun and decided to accept help from a young lady, apparently their MO. Once they settled in for sleep under their host’s carport it looked like they could be in trouble as Anna, their host, was considering turning the guys in for a cash reward. Turns out that villain role went to her sister, Mary Scott, who dialed up the Hunters after seeing their Wanted poster and lead them straight to Will & Miles’s capture.

As for Mary Scott? Yeah, you probably don’t want to be her today. She’s had to turn her social media accounts to private after what I imagine was an onslaught of negative responses. That was pretty rotten what she did for a little personal gain against someone who hadn’t wronged her. Hope it was worth it!

After nearly getting away once they knew they had been turned in the action shifted to the water. The guys were taken in by a nice couple with a boat, but that’s a problem when you need to get away. You’re trapped. I was seriously impressed by the boat owners’ effort to get the guys going again with a quick move to their dingy getaway boat straight back to the dock. Unfortunately for Team Brah, it was too late and they were captured from Hunted. No $250K for these guys.

Hunted: Team Miles & Will Captured By Boat