CBS’s Hunted series is ready to wrap up its run with the final two episodes of the debut season as we prepare to see who will win the money and escape capture over the next two Wednesday nights.

Hunted 2017: Only Two Episodes Left

For the first time all season an episode closed out without any of the Fugitives being discovered and cornered despite a very close call for David and Emiley who have managed to stay one step ahead of their potential captors, but can they make it just a few more days?

There are no Hunted spoilers or real teasers in this week’s preview clip from CBS so we’re waiting to see what happens next. Last we saw Lee & Hilmar pulled off a foolish risk with a quick family meeting but if there are any openings to follow you can expect the Hunters to move in fast.

Aarif & Immad made their own narrow escape and have been playing smart relying on the helpfulness of strangers but also doing it with predictable avenues like seeking refuge at a nearby mosque which opened a path for the Command Center to keep the trail alive. If they can get back in to the wilderness and avoid view this pair could make a strong go in these final days.

We’ve barely met English and Stephen with their late introduction to the Hunted 2017 season but it’s hard to tell if that is setting them up for a quick and unfulfilling adventure or if there just wasn’t much to share on these two for the storyline. They’ve escaped some rough conditions but also considered making dangerous moves like visiting family instead of avoiding contact. If we see them caught next I won’t be surprised.

Who do you think will make it to the finale and escape the full 28 days of Hunted? There is a full $250K on the line for each of these four teams left and it’d be crazy to see them all make it but anything is possible. Best of luck to all of them!