After meeting the first three “Fugitive” teams on Hunted during Sunday’s premiere episode we’ve got another set of runners coming up and CBS is sharing a more in-depth preview of the next group we’ll be following on Hunted.

Immad Ahmed - Fugitive on Hunted

These three pairs include buddies Aarif and Immad, married couple Troy & Chele, and buddies Lee & Hilmar. We’ll see them all take off on their game in the next show but according to the Command Center’s leader, only one of these pairs has a chance at making it to more than three weeks one the run.

First we’ve got Aarif and Immad, friends for more than twenty years. Aarif brings his only skill set with a past experience of having gone off the grid and disappearing without a trace, but can he do it in these high stakes? Immad sees this as a recreation of every action movie he’s seen but now it’s about to be an experience he couldn’t have elsewhere.

Hunted Commander Clark rates the pair with a 6/10 and thinks they’ll be caught by Day 21. Watch their intro video here and see what you think of their chances.

Meet Aarif Mirza & Immad Ahmed:

Next is married couple Troy and Chele who plan to “wing most of this.” Oh yeah, this should be fun for us. The two run an airsoft shop and are married so they spend all day with each other already which should help but I can’t imagine they’re used to this kind of stress.

Clark isn’t rating their chances too high with a 6/10 rating but here that only earns him an expected 14 days on the go before capture. See what you think of the pair in their video.

Meet Troy Pfost & Chele Pfost:

Lastly we’ve got Lee and Hilmar, friends with a network of support and a penchant for escaping. Lee runs a series of “escape rooms” so he knows a thing about the task at hand and he’ll have his best friend Hilmar along to help. In their clip below we can see they’re the guys who leave a mocking note to their Hunters. That should go over well.

Commander Clark appears to be impressed with their chances as he’s given them an 8/10 rating with up to 23 days on the run before capture.

Meet Lee Wilson & Hilmar Skagfield:

What do you think of these three teams and their chances on Hunted? Get ready to watch them run on Wednesday’s new episode on CBS.

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