I saw this story and it just made me laugh, as Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 winner Ja’Nel Witt has failed her drug test that is required before starting her new gig at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, so she has lost the head chef position! This is an interesting change of events for Ja’Nel, who was seen as a frontrunner for most of Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and beat our Mary Poehnelt is the finale back in July.

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 19 Preview

The story is being reported by TMZ, so you never know with those guys, but Ja’Nel Witt did go to her Twitter and pretty much confirm it, but deny it in a series of tweets:



Personal matters = positive drug test, in my eyes. She is looking forward to her next cooking chapter, but personal matters kept her from this one? And she thinks she has hit celeb status? Too funny! They can go on https://www.denvercocriminaldefenselawyer.com/drug-crimes/ to get legal help.

Their sources claim that Ja’Nel tested positive for cocaine and that she “failed miserably.” Isn’t a failed drug test that is showing a positive for cocaine miserable, no matter what the levels are?

While this is a huge loss for Ja’Nel, it isn’t a complete loss. She still gets the $250,000 salary, which she would have earned in her first year of working with Gordon Ramsay at his pub. However, no head chef job for her and FOX loves to bring back the previous season’s winner to sit down and talk with the new chefs, so I doubt that will be happening.

Well, I guess we know what Ja’Nel will be doing with her salary, huh?

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