We have the return of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14 tonight, as the new chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 make their way into the kitchen and the drama will be following right behind them! So, what should we expect tonight on the Hell’s Kitchen 2015 premiere? Same as usual, as the chefs will be creating their signature dishes in front of a live audience! Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14 tonight!

Hells Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Season 14 Premiere

For tonight, here is what to expect: “The contestants jump right in to the challenge, after Chef Ramsay splits the chefs into two teams: men (blue) vs. women (red) and asks them to present their signature dishes in front of a live audience. The winning team will earn a star-studded night with William Shatner, while the losing team prepares the dining room for the first dinner service.  Later, during their first dinner service, the contestants struggle to work together, with Chef Ramsay ultimately kicking one team out of the kitchen.”

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…he starts by wanting to make sure they are all committed and by doing so, they’ll climb up the building and jump into a big inflatable mat??? Two people do it, but they happen to be stunt people and it was all a stunt!

CHALLENGE – The chefs divide into teams of men and women and will cook their signature dish in front of a live audience in Hell’s Kitchen.

RESULTS – In a 31-28 victory, the Blue Team wins the first challenge of the season! For winning, the men will be taking a limo for a dinner with William Shatner! For losing, the women will be resetting the dining room and then getting all of the RSVPs sent out!

DINNER SERVICE PREP – All of the chefs are in the kitchen and get a gift for the season: a set of knives. They get started on things and Chrissa is a hot mess already! Chef Ramsay chats with them before and Chrissa would like to use the bathroom before we get started!

DINNER SERVICE – The doors have been opened and the tickets are coming back. Chrissa is wanting to make dessert and apps aren’t even done! Michael sends up raw scallops, but he gets them right the next time around. Red Team has moved on to entrees, but meat station has brought them to a halt. Milly sends up raw lamb for the Blue Team. Monique is cooking the lamb in an oven that is not on!

Chef Ramsay is sick of the Red Team and their meat station fail, so he kicks them all out of the kitchen! The Blue Team then finishes their first dinner service and is the clear winner tonight, so the Red Team has to nominate two chefs for elimination on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14!

RESULTS – Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees are Monique and Chrissa. Chef Ramsay wants to hear from Christine as well, so all three step in front of him. They all state their case for staying in the competition, but Chef Ramsay decides to send home Chrissa and she is the first chef eliminated on Season 14!

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