It looks like we have no dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight, as Chef Gordon Ramsay is putting the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 to the test with a one-on-one competition! They will be facing off and it looks like the two weakest chefs from both teams on Hells Kitchen 2015 will face off to remain in the competition! No pressure, right??? Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who went home Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 9 Recap

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, we saw the chefs cooking with beer, wine and liquor for the challenge. The Blue Team took home the victory and was able to get out and have some fun at the roller rink for the stars! While Bret had fun there, it may have taken his back out and he was down for the count. Chef Ramsay said he could not continue in the competition and Bret was sent home! This seemed to set the men off, as they had a terrible dinner service and Chef Ramsay kicked them out of the kitchen. Chef Ramsay felt that Adam sank the men’s team that night and he was eliminated also.

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – The chefs come down and we have some exotic animals in front of them, like snakes, tarantulas, iguanas and alligators. For this challenge, they will each cook one of the exotic proteins. They have 40 minutes to create their dishes. Michelle is only one to not get a meat, so she gets to choose and picks alligator, but of course they pick T’s dish over hers and Michelle’s would have gotten fives from all the judges.

RESULTS – The Blue Team wins 34-33! For winning, they will get a day of relaxation at the spa. For losing, the women will be cleaning down Hell’s Kitchen!

While cleaning, the ladies have to eat some milkshakes. The issue though, only one of them is an actual milkshake and the others are made with the proteins from earlier! Michelle gets the milkshake, so karma for not using her dish! The men enjoy their pampering!

Everyone is back in the dorms and the men are still in their robes from the spa day! Chef Ramsay calls and he wants them all down in the dining room now. He wants to speak to them all one-on-one tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015!

Time for words of wisdom from Chef Ramsay for the chefs and some tears, of course! And most of those tears came from the men!

After all the meetings, Chef Ramsay calls them back to the dining room. He said some of them do not have the support of their teams and the chefs had to rank all the chefs. The lowest ranking chef from the Red Team and the lowest ranking chef from the Blue Team will compete in a cook-off and the loser goes home!

COOK-OFF: This will be a battle between Christine on the Red Team against Randy on the Blue Team. For this challenge, they have to make three dishes from the Hell’s Kitchen menu and they have 30 minutes to complete them.

RESULTS – Chef Ramsay tastes the dishes from both chefs and it is Christine going home tonight, as she missed an ingredient with the risotto and had dry bread pudding. So, Randy survives the cut!

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