We are back with another dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 and the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 are hoping to impress Chef Gordon Ramsay this week, especially after both teams were kicked out of the kitchen last week! It looks like we are going to have an all-American brawl tonight on Hells Kitchen 2015, but which team will come out on top and which team will end up cutting 400 pounds of onions??? Find out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 4 Recap

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, the chefs started the week with a very early morning! They were woken up by Chef James and some airhorns! From there, they headed outside and were surprised to see snow and ice in Los Angeles! They had to match up fish heads and tails before cooking them up for the challenge, which the women won again despite the men getting another advantage. At dinner service, both teams fell apart and Chef Ramsay kicked them both out! Both teams made their nominations and Chef Ramsay sent home Michael, as he tried to hide a burning pan and Chef Ramsay caught him and reamed him a new one for possibly endangering the other chefs!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be putting their twist on some American classics. They will work in pairs and they have to catch some footballs to get the nine ingredients they will use for this challenge. They collect their footballs and nine ingredients and now are back in the kitchen and have 40 minutes to cook their dishes. They each made a dish in the pairings, but Chef Ramsay will only taste one of the dishes and the chefs have to decide!

RESULTS – After the judges taste all of the dishes, we are tied at 4-4! So, Chef Ramsay asks Sarah, Meghan, Bret and Josh’s dish and the best of those dishes will win it for their team. The judges discuss and Sarah has the best dish, so the Red Team wins tonight and Bret is pissed! For winning, the ladies will be heading out for a boat ride. For losing, the men will be peeling 500 pounds of onions and Bret looks ridiculous, the poor sport!

DINNER SERVICE – The women are back and the men are over cutting their onions, but here comes Chef Ramsay and he wants some big changes after the disaster of a dinner service last week and it is Family Night in Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight! With that being said, there are going to be kid-friendly dishes, like burgers, mac and cheese and chicken fingers. Tickets coming back and Sarah is already screwing up the scallops. Brendan makes good risotto, but not enough for two plates!

Sarah fixes scallops and they have apps heading out now. Michelle then sends up extra salty mac and cheese and Chef Ramsay is not happy. Bret tries to fix the risotto issue and makes new stuff, but then adds the old, used risotto into it and Chef Ramsay is pissed! He gets it fixed and the apps are going out of both kitchens.

Now Monique sends up undercooked beef wellingtons. She gets it right the second time and entrees going out for Red Team. Apps flying out for Blue Team, so they are moving on to entrees. Mieka then sends up raw steak and has to try again. Bret feels he is the leader of the Blue Team and he annoys me! However, they send up bad salmon and steak, so Chef Ramsay makes them eat it and Bret is upset and thinks it is embarrassing!

Now we see Mieka want Meghan’s approval on the steak being done or not. Um, how can she be an executive chef and want someone to tell you how to make a steak??? She sends it up overcooked and he kicks everyone out of the kitchen on the Red Team! It was a bumpy ride, but the Blue Team gets their tickets completed for the night.

RESULTS – The Red Team is the losing team tonight and they nominate Monique and Sarah, as they think this will lead to Monique going home and they like Mieka, so they keep her out of the nominations. They both state their cases, but he sends them both back in line and he sends Mieka home! He said she has no confidence in herself and can see that she is done!

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