We are getting closer and closer to those black jackets being handed out on Hell’s Kitchen 2015, as Chef Gordon Ramsay hinted at it last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14. We still have seven chefs remaining on Hells Kitchen, but two hours this week is definitely going to change that! Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 12 Recap

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, it was the famous Blind Taste Test challenge for the chefs and they were pumped for this one. The Red Team pulled out the victory and finally stopped the Blue Team’s winning streak! Two charities came in for a special dinner service and each chef was responsible for a dish during the five-course meal and they would all work together for the dessert. This was beyond stupid, as Chef Ramsay declared the Red Team the losers for the week and they nominated two chefs, but then he sent home Randy from the Blue Team!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they have to cook an incredible steak with an amazing side dish. There are lockers behind Chef Ramsay that contain the steaks and Chef Ramsay flings thousands of keys on the ground for them to find the right one that unlocks one of the lockers! They have 35 total minutes to find a key and steak and then cook it! Michelle takes the longest, which is 12 minutes to find a steak!!! Chef Ramsay tastes each dish and there is a throne next to him. If he approves of your dish, you sit in the throne and you must be better than the person currently sitting in the throne to take it over. Last chef sitting in the throne wins it for their team.

RESULTS – Michelle may have had a flank steak and the least amount of time, but she cooks the best dish and wins the challenge for the Red Team! For winning, the Red Team is going to an island and enjoying a submarine ride together! They also got a Vitamix. For losing, the Blue Team will be taking a huge side of beef and cutting it up for Steak Night!

DINNER SERVICE – Before we get started, we see some drama between Michelle and Josh on the Red Team. It is Steak Night and it is the last night they’ll cook as teams, as the Black Jackets will be handed out tonight!!! Nick starts out strong for Blue Team and apps going out. Michelle sends up bad pasta and Red Team off to a bad start. Blue Team is killing it on apps and moving on to entrees. However, Nick sends up some dry salmon and they hit a roadblock.

Michelle fixes her pasta and the apps are flying out. Alison is working Fish and Grill stations and sends up raw filet, so Chef Ramsay brings them back for a team meeting and he is not impressed. Chef Ramsay then gets raw salmon and he is not happy with Red Team. Nick fixes his mistake and Blue Team is back on track, but Meghan has a ton of steaks on the grill right now! She sends up raw NY Strip.

Josh helps Alison out and it seems they are both very confused. Chef Ramsay is sick of waiting, so he sends out half the orders for one table. The salmon is now ready, but they are waiting for garnish from Josh! The Blue Team kicked butt and they complete dinner service and Chef Ramsay brings in a special dessert: Black Jackets!!!

The salmon is not done properly and Chef Ramsay is over all of them. He moves T to fish station. She gets it right and the diners finally have their meals. Chef Ramsay asks the Blue Team (now in black jackets) to come help out the Red Team and they are pissed to see them in black jackets. They help and dinner service is now complete. Of course, the Blue Team won and Red Team needs to nominate two chefs for elimination.

RESULTS – Back in front of Chef Ramsay, the Red Team nominates Josh and Alison. However, Chef Ramsay said he wants to hear from somebody else and calls Michelle down! Of course, he gives her a black jacket! T then gets one too. Josh and Alison both state their cases and he shockingly sends Alison home and Josh gets that black jacket on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14!

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