After some big changes on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 last week, it now time for the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 to take part in the Blind Taste Test, a challenge that all the chefs look forward to on Hells KitchenChef Gordon Ramsay will be blindfolding them tonight and putting them to the test, so who is going to look like an idiot tonight? Check it out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 11 Recap

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, the chefs got to help out with a local homecoming! They would create the menu for the special dance and the losing team would help set things up in the dining room, which had the students calling the shots and being very particular about where things should be. For a change, both teams successfully completed dinner service and Chef Ramsay picked the Red Team as the winner, so the Blue Team had to nominate two chefs for elimination, which happened to be Randy and Josh. After some thought, Chef Ramsay sent no one home, but he sent Josh to the Red Team and moved Meghan to the Blue Team!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – The chefs meet Chef Ramsay in front of Hell’s Kitchen. Time for the Blind Taste Test and the dunk tanks are back! While one is competing in the Blind Taste Test, one of their teammates will sit in the tank. If they get 3 wrong, then their teammate gets dunked!

  • T versus Milly – 2 to 4 and no dunks
  • Josh versus Nick – 3 to 1 and Randy is dunked (5 to 5 tie overall)
  • Michelle versus Meghan – 2 to 3 and no dunks (7 to 8 overall)
  • Allison versus Randy – 2 to 1 and Nick is dunked (9 to 9 tie overall)

In Sudden Death between Joshua and Milly, both are wrong and Allison and Meghan are dunked! Josh gets it right the second time and Milly is wrong (Meghan dunked again) and the Red Team wins! For winning, they are headed to enjoy some caviar and going on a shopping spree! For losing, the Blue Team will setup the dining room for two charities coming in tonight and they’ll make sangria!

DINNER SERVICE – Hell’s Kitchen is closed tonight and will only be open to two charities. They will each enjoy a five-course meal, which each chef will be responsible for one dish and they’ll all work together on the dessert.

RISOTTO – Allison and Randy have this dish and Allison gets it done well, but Randy struggles and he is seasoning bad and then has the number of plates wrong!

TUNA – Joshua and Milly are working on this dish and Milly nails it, but Nick is wiping the plates down with a rag and Chef Ramsay calls him out on it! Josh overcooks them and tries again and keeps sending up more and more overcooked tuna! He runs out of tuna and has to ask the Blue Team for some, but he gets it right this time and they finally have tuna served.

SALMON – T and Nick are working on this dish and Josh is trying to help T with it, but she is not having it! It worked out, as she gets the salmon plated and served for their side. Everything works for Nick too and all salmon dishes are served.

N.Y. STRIP – Michelle and Meghan are working on this and Josh is trying to tell Michelle how to cook this one and Chef Ramsay calls him out for not being able to cook the tuna and stay out of it. Meghan nails the steak and they serve it. Michelle serves her steak and now we are moving to the desserts.

DESSERTS – Michelle comments on her course being the best dish of the night and fastest, T is not having it and they get into it! The dessert is served and the drama continues afterwards.

After dinner service, Randy is pissed because he asked for 12 plates and he thinks he was sabotaged. He says they won’t like him after tonight and Milly said he doesn’t like him starting right now! Chef Ramsay said they both did well, but the Blue Team had a slight edge and win tonight! Red Team must come up with two chefs for elimination.

RESULTS – The two nominees tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 are Josh and Michelle. Chef Ramsay said he is sending home the chef that never had control of his course and never got it back. He sends both Michelle and Josh back in line and he sends Randy home from the Blue Team!

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