The stage is set and Gordon Ramsay is almost ready to announce the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight, as the Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 finale is about to take place. It is down to Meghan Gill and T Gregoire and we will soon find out who won Hells Kitchen 2015 tonight! One more dinner service to get through, so watch it with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who won Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Season 14 Finale Recap

Last week on Hells Kitchen 2015 Season 14, it was down to the final four chefs and they had one final dinner service to proof they deserved a spot in the finale. They each ran the pass, with Chef Andi giving them challenges along the way to catch. The only one that caught the error was T, which surprised me because they normally aren’t that bad at it. In the end, Chef Ramsay was impressed with the dinner service, but could only keep two chefs for the finale and that meant Michelle and Milly were sent home!

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We have one quick hour tonight and lots to get through, but who do you think will win? We made our predictions earlier today, so go check them out and come back for our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we go back to last week, as Chef Ramsay surprises Meghan and T with Christina Wilson, the Season 10 winner! I loved her and she will be giving them some tips and help to make it through this finale, but in Las Vegas!

They get to Vegas and their hotel is beautiful! They have some food and get to work on their final menus. The next day they sit down with Christina and get some advice and how to work this finale. They head back to Los Angeles and get picked up at the airport by a Rolls Royce, which happens to bring them to Chef Ramsay’s house! They enjoy some time with his wife and daughter, but then they take them for a tour! Out back, there is a big crowd and Chef Ramsay is there! This is not his house, but it is where they will have the final challenge of the season.

CHALLENGE – They have one hour to create five amazing dishes and the winner gets an advantage in the final dinner service. They get their dishes done and, of course, it comes down to the final dish of the night. T pulls it out with the last dish and she wins the challenge!

Now it is time for the chefs to choose their brigades for the final dinner service and T gets to pick first for winning the challenge and it will be:

  • T – Milly, Nick, Adam and Christine
  • Meghan – Michelle, Allison, Josh and Randy

The teams are chosen and now they head back to the dorms to get their brigades on the same page. T seems to have her team on the same page, but Meghan seems a little loopy right now. The next day comes and time to get things organized in the kitchen for dinner service.

DINNER SERVICE – They get their chef’s jackets and now it is time for the doors to open up! We have Lisa Loeb and Tiffani Theissen at the chef’s tables tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015! T is keeping a watchful eye on Christine and Meghan is expecting perfection from Michelle on apps. The apps are going out smoothly and we are moving on to the entrees. Adam is screwing up at the meat station, as he sends up raw meat twice!

T is over it, so she puts Adam on garnish and moves Nick to meat. Meghan is being very hands-on and wants it to be perfect and not trusting her team. Chef Ramsay tells her she is not working the line and has to have them bring it to her, so she follows his instructions. Now Nick fixes the meat issue, but Adam now doesn’t understand the garnish station and Nick has to go back and help him there!

Now Meghan is having issues with Randy, as he is overcooking the chicken, but doesn’t quite understand it. Meanwhile, T is switching everyone around on stations and is trying to keep things moving. Randy sliced the chicken and then put it back in the oven and Meghan is not happy. She has had enough, so she moves Michelle to meat and Randy to dessert.

T has her kitchen going strong and Michelle fixes the meat station for Meghan, so they are trying to wrap things up tonight! They do get all the tickets done and the final dinner service is complete! Now Chef Ramsay will go over the comment cards from the guests and look at their journey this season and a winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 will be chosen! Who do you think it will be?

RESULTS – After all the challenges and dinner services this season, Meghan and T grab the handles of the door and the door opens up for Meghan, so Meghan Gill is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2015!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 tonight?

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