We have the return of Chef Gordon Ramsay tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, as he returns with 20 new chefs fighting to be named the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 12! We all know that things get crazy during the season and tension is running high in that kitchen and we see chefs fighting, Chef Ramsay yelling at chefs and punches thrown? This is going to be an exciting Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and you can meet the Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 chefs below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

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Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Premiere - Season 12

The chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 will be competing in dinner services and team challenges that will put their cooking skills to the test. It will all be worth it though, as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 will be named executive chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants with a salary of $250,000, that is if the winner passes a drug test unlike Season 11 winner!

Per usual, Chef Ramsay will split the chefs into two teams – Blue (Men) vs. Red (Women). Here are the chefs competing during Season 12:


  • Beth Taylor, 43 – Line Cook
  • Bev Lazo-Gonzalez, 42 – Food Truck Chef
  • Jessica Vogel, 28 – Line Cook
  • Joy Parham-Thomas, 25 – Kitchen Supervisor
  • Kashia Zollicoffer, 23 – Line Cook
  • Melanie Finch, 23 – Line Cook
  • Nicole Rutz, 33 – Baker
  • Rochelle Bergman, 27 – Caterer
  • Sandra Flores, 36 – Sous Chef
  • Simone Hammond, 43 – Buffet Cook


  • Anton Testino, 39 – Head Chef
  • Chris Eversole, 27 – Line Cook
  • Guarav Navin, 34 – Executive Chef
  • Jason Zepaltas, 31 – Sous Chef
  • Mike Aresta, 38 – Chef Instructor
  • Michael DeMarco, 29 – Line Cook
  • Michael Gabriel, 25 – Executive Chef
  • Ralph Johnson, 28 – Chef De Partie
  • Richard Mancini, 48 – Executive Chef
  • Scott Commings, 38 – Executive Chef

There is a quick rundown of all the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. Here are some pictures from FOX of the new chefs, which they provided 21 pictures??? The last chef is a Mystery Chef, so will we have someone not make it through on the premiere and their replacement? Check them out here:

Click on image for full view

Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 premieres tonight at 8/7c on FOX!

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