While we have gone a couple weeks without Chef Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13, it is time for his return and to finally get some answers to our questions on what he does with the chefs on Hells Kitchen 2014 that are still standing in front of him! They left us with a cliffhanger on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 and then went off the air for two weeks because of the World Series! We finally get the answers tonight, so watch with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last time on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13, the chefs celebrated Italian Night in the kitchen, but it was not a real celebration for most of the chefs. We saw Chef Ramsay take Sterling from the Blue Team and add him to the Red Team and no one was happy to have him on their side! It was another night of poor dinner services and both teams had to nominate two chefs. After the nominations, Chef Ramsay sent home Ashley, but then said he was not done and we were left with Roe, Steve and Aaron in front of him and “To Be Continued” popped up on the screen!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…we go back to the last episode and Chef Ramsay calls Frank down and he said he has had his last dinner service….on the Blue Team and he joins the Red Team! He then takes Sade from the Red Team and she joins the Blue Team and she is happy to be there.

CHALLENGE: The next day, the chefs head down to meet Chef Ramsay and the VIPs for tomorrow night’s event: dogs from the American Kennel Club! For this challenge, the chefs will create a tasting menu for the next day. They will each make two apps and three entrees and whichever team has the most items picked will be the winners!

They start cooking and Sterling doesn’t know how to make mayo and Sade is making a dish for a dog to eat!!! How could no one tell Sade that they were not cooking for a dog to eat??? Well, needless to say they drop her dish and the rest will be served for the Blue Team, since they have one extra person.

TASTING: For the apps, they pick one app from the Blue Team and one app from the Red Team (go Sterling)!!! For the entrees, it was two for the Red Team and one for the Blue Team, so the Red Team wins the challenge on two of the men’s dishes, so screw you Blue Team!!!

For winning the challenge, the Red Team will be going to Sea World and a nice dinner! For losing, the Blue Team will be washing and grooming some dogs! The Red Team is enjoying their reward and the Blue Team is definitely not enjoying their punishment!

Time for some prep before dinner service and Sterling is telling everyone he loves them. The Blue Team is getting ready and Santos is telling Sade how to do everything, like she is new and like he knows what the hell he is even doing. Santos is such a mess!

DINNER SERVICE: Their will be a dog show tonight and it will be based on service in the dining room and the winner cannot be announced until all the entrees are served! This could be a VERY long show for the doggies. The tickets come back and things are started on Hells Kitchen 2014 Season 13 tonight!

The Blue Team really seems focused on Sade and her screwing up, but Santos needs to focus on himself. We see the first dogs and time for the cooking to begin! The Blue Team is going very well on the apps and the Red Team is keeping up with them. The Red Team is working on the final app ticket and they are waiting for Frank and a Caesar salad!!! The Blue Team gets it done and it all comes down to Frank and those salads! He finally gets it together and the apps are all served, so the final round of the dog show can start!

Before moving on to the entrees, Chef Ramsay calls the Blue Team together and said that was their best 40 minutes this season! La Tasha is leading the Red Team and trying to keep them all in order, but Sterling is losing focus! On the Blue Team, Steve has no clue and just keeps saying Santos over and over and over again. Chef Ramsay has Sade come in and communicate to Santos for Steve! Meanwhile, Sterling sends up some bad pork and must re-fire. Steve is lost, but he does get the meat correct and entrees are going out strong.

While the entrees are moving along nicely, the judges of the dog show are not happy and have a winner to announce, but need to get all the entrees served before they can announce. They are so close to finishing the tickets, but both sides are screwing up their dishes and garnish. Blue Team gets it together and entrees served. Red Team gets it together too, so all the entrees served and the winner can be announced of the dog show!

Chef Ramsay said it surprised him, but both kitchens performed well. However, the Blue Team was a little better and they are the winners. The Red Team must now put up two chefs for elimination. It seems like an easy task, as it should be Frank and his damn inability to make a salad and Sterling, who struggled with the meat station, but then Roe screwed up the garnish.

RESULTS: Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees tonight are Frank and Sterling, so they did good with these nominees. They both state their case to stay in the game (and Frank seems to babble on and on and on and on some more). Chef Ramsay was satisfied with the performance he got from both teams, so he sends no one home and they all move on to next week!!!

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