There are seven chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 remaining and Chef Gordon Ramsay is expecting only the best for them, especially with VIP guest Lou Diamond Phillips in the kitchen! Because of that, he is not taking any slack from the chefs and he sends one of them home before the elimination even takes place on Hells Kitchen 2014 tonight! Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13, the chefs took part in the famous Blind Taste Test and Fernando and Santos were confident heading into it. Well, that confidence went no where, as both of them got zero right! We saw the Red Team win another challenge and the Blue Team get stuck with cleaning up the dorms. At dinner service, the chefs were each in charge of a dish for the firefighters in attendance. While they left full and happy, Chef Ramsay was not happy with either team and they both had to nominate two chefs. This caused drama, but it was Fernando sent home because he lacked the leadership skills that he was looking for!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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CHALLENGE: The chefs meet Chef Ramsay and he wants to see pure artistry and it will fit on a small plate, as they will each create two servings of the same amuse-bouche! Sterling has no idea what he is doing, but he thinks of his fiancee and it all comes into focus! Jennifer is being way too cocky tonight, so she’ll probably go home! Since the Red Team has an extra chef, they have to pick one not to serve. Since Sterling’s dish is not pretty, they decide to not use his. Time for the tasting!


  • Red Team – La Tasha (7 points), Roe (4 points) and Jennifer (5 points). That is a total of 16 points.
  • Blue Team – Bryant (7 points), Santos (7 points) and Sade (9 points). That is a total of 23 points and they win and Sade finally wins a challenge!

For winning, the Blue Team is headed to Catalina Island for some lunch. For losing, the Red Team will be cracking some coconuts and getting the coconut milk ready for dinner service. The Blue Team is enjoying their reward and are gelling together, but Sterling is losing it back at the kitchen! Meanwhile, Jennifer seems to be having an allergic reaction to the coconuts and the medics come in and she is off to the hospital.

DINNER SERVICE: The next day arrives and Jennifer comes back and she said she isn’t going anywhere! Chef Ramsay is there and time to open those doors! The night before Roe said scallops should cook for 40 seconds. So, Sterling is on scallops and counting out loud! However, it works, as they are great and food is going out in both kitchens and Chef Ramsay seems to be happy, as Blue Team is already moving on to entrees.

Just when things are going well, Sterling screws up the scallops and he must refire. He wants more communication from the Blue Team. Sterling then screws up the scallops again, so Chef Ramsay kicks them out to have a meeting. Sterling says he’s got this. They head back and he is giving it another try. Meanwhile, the Blue Team is serving entrees and food is going well, but in comes another VIP in Lou Diamond Phillips.

Sterling screws up again on scallops, so they move him to garnish and Roe takes over scallops and has them going out now. Because of the scallops, Jennifer is now overwhelmed at the meat station. Roe said it is not Sterling’s fault, but Jennifer got lost. Over on Blue Team, they were moving things fine, but Santos now screws up the scallops and Chef Ramsay calls him out, but it works and he gets it right the second time. They have now completed service, even with being down a chef! The Red Team is right behind them and finishes their service.

Chef Ramsay said it wasn’t a bad service, but it was not a service he was wanting to see. He then calls up Sterling! He said he is relentless and a joy to be around, but he knows he is not his next chef and he sends Sterling home! Chef Ramsay tells him to keep cooking and to keep his jacket to remind him! And we see tears all around that kitchen, which is so nice to see. I loved Sterling!

Chef Ramsay is not done though, as he wants one nominee from each team! Will he send someone else home tonight??? The Blue Team decides to nominate Santos, but it is up in the air for the Red Team and if it will be Roe or Jennifer going up.

RESULTS: Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team has nominated Santos and the Red Team has nominated Roe! They both state their case and he takes their jackets, but they are not eliminated! They get their black jackets and Chef Ramsay proceeds to give them all their black jackets!

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