We have some unfinished business on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight, as Chef Gordon Ramsay left everyone hanging last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 when he said that he was not done yet after his first elimination! However, the screen popped up “To Be Continued” and we all waited patiently to see what Chef Ramsay decided to do with the chefs on Hells Kitchen 2014 tonight! However, the picture below will answer all your questions! Watch with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 4

Last week on Hells Kitchen Season 13, the chefs were busy trying to catch their protein they would be cooking with and then picking a starch to pair it with. The Blue Team took home the victory in the challenge and the women found themselves grinding meat for dinner service! At dinner service, Chef Ramsay was not happy with either side of the kitchen and said he was going to start cleaning house! It started by sending home Katie from the Red Team. He said he was not done yet, but that is where the show ended. What does he have up his sleeve???

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…we start back at last week’s show and Chef Ramsay tells Sterling to give him his jacket and that his team has given up on him. However, Chef Ramsay has not and sends him to the Red Team! However, the women are not happy with the move.

CHALLENGE: The next morning arrives and the chefs meet Chef Ramsay down in the kitchen and he happens to be standing in front of a map of Italy. We then see opera singers! For this challenge, the teams are told that they will be cooking Italian food, Chef Ramsay is choosing chefs, the chef is choosing who they want to go against and the chef they choose is picking an opera off the scrolls the singers are holding and the other side has the dish they will be cooking.

The chefs get their pairings and Italian dish to prepare and have 40 minutes to cook and then be judged on their dish and their knowledge of Italian food! Ashley has no idea what her dish even is and Jennifer’s pasta is exploding! The time runs out and time for the tasting!

  • ROUND 1 – Jennifer wins, even with the exploding pasta
  • ROUND 2 – Fernando wins, so tied up
  • ROUND 3 – No winner, so still tied 1-1
  • ROUND 4 – La Tasha wins, so 2-1 lead for Red Team
  • ROUND 5 – Frank wins, so tied again
  • FINAL ROUND – Bryant beats Sterling and Blue Team wins challenge!!!

For winning the challenge, the men will get a shopping spree and then lunch at one of the finest Italian restaurants in the country. For losing, the women and Sterling will be preparing for Italian Night and preparing squid. Frank is definitely enjoying the shopping and the women are over the squid. Sterling is trying to bond with them, but they are not having it!

DINNER SERVICE: The tickets start coming back and Steve is screwing up on the hot apps and in his own world, as he has to refire the risotto. He always screws up, but still survives because everyone is afraid of him. Jennifer is working hot apps on the Red Team and she is doing well and the apps are heading out the kitchen. Steve gets it together on his second attempt at risotto.

Meanwhile, there is table-side and both Bryant and Sade are failing big time, including her dropping pans and flinging squid everywhere! We have the entrees coming back for the Blue Team and Frank said he knows how to cook meat with the best of them. Frank sends up raw meat, but then calls out Steve for bad chicken. The Red Team get their VIP tickets and Roe and Ashley are trying to nail it on this one. Of course, Roe sends up raw meat and now Ashley has to refire. She gets it right the second time and the VIPs have their entrees. Frank gets it right on his second attempt, as well.

Now Aaron is falling behind on the fish with the meat going out well, but he is in his own world and wants help from no one! They all keep trying to help, but he keeps pushing them all around. Despite his lack of communication and teamwork, he still gets it together and sends out the fish entrees. Meanwhile, the Red Team gets raw calamari sent back and Ashley is screwing up the fish station. He kicks them all out of the kitchen!!!

Despite poor efforts, the Blue Team gets all their tickets served and dinner service is done for tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. Chef Ramsay is not happy and there is no winning team tonight, so they must both nominate two people. For the Red Team, they think Ashley is the weakest chef. Then they mention Roe, but she is not having it and thinks Sade should go up for dropping the plate in the dining room. For the Blue Team, they mention Steve for starting the night slow on apps. Then Frank and the meat station and Aaron and the fish station.

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees tonight are Ashley and Roe for the Red Team and Steve and Aaron for the Blue Team. They both state their cases, but Chef Ramsay sends home Ashley!!! Of course, he said that is not all and there is some more business to take care of and “To Be Continued” pops up on the screen!

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