Time for the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 to show off their cooking skills, but a tad bit earlier in the day, as they will be cooking brunch for some culinary school graduates on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight. We also will get a keynote speaker address from Chef Gordon Ramsay, who has had much success in the cooking world, so the grads should definitely be listening! Watch with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13, the chefs started the week with working on their communication skills. Chef Ramsay knew it was lacking, so he pasted the recipes on the chefs’ backs and they had to be told what they were making! This was funny to watch and see them talking and trying to figure out what they were cooking. The Blue Team won their first challenge, which meant the women were prepping and grinding coffee beans for dinner service! Denine was no help during prep since she did lose it for the women. Well, that lack of team effort boiled over to dinner service and then led to her elimination!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…we go back to last week and seeing Jennifer heading to the hospital. The Red Team hopes to get her back strong. Bryant is feeling down, but Sterling gives him a pep talk and the Blue Team goes to bed early. The Red Team stays up late, but gets to see Jennifer come back and had some dehydration.

The next morning, the chefs wake up and get brought down to see a graduation ceremony for some culinary students! Chef Ramsay is the keynote speaker. He tells the graduates that brunch will be served in 20 minutes, which will be cooked by the chefs! The first team to serve their diners will win the challenge.

The men are getting their apps out and then move on to the entrees and Bryant is screwing up the spinach and it needs more salt, which he said he tasted 15 times! The women get their apps out and start on entrees and Ashley is screwing up on crepes. They get it together and the first table of entrees is sent out on Hells Kitchen 2014. The men are still waiting on Bryant and he sends up raw eggs, so they are starting over. Steve tries to take over for Bryant, but he is not having it and proceeds to send up more raw eggs!!!

Chef Ramsay stops them and tells them to get it together. There is no more communication, so Sterling steps up and takes control. They get it together, but then the Red Team starts sending up raw eggs! It is a close battle to the end, as both teams are working on their final table. The ladies get their tickets served first and the Red Team wins the challenge!

For winning, the Red Team will head out to San Francisco for an amazing dinner with Chef Ramsay. For losing, the Blue Team will be grinding meat to get it prepared for both teams’ next dinner service! The men are not happy with grinding the meat and have poor attitudes, but the women are bonding in San Francisco over some amazing food. Later that night, Steve, Santos and Aaron feel that Frank, Bryant, Sterling and JR are dead weight and they will try to target them this week and get them thrown out during dinner service. Will it work though???

DINNER SERVICE: Getting ready for dinner service and the women are ready to work together, but Steve, Santos and Aaron are ready to see the guys fail! The tickets start coming back and Sterling is struggling with a salad! Ashley is on hot apps and hoping that it goes well or she will be going home. They are communicating very well and get apps headed out the kitchen.

Steve is just sitting back and watching the men fail. Meanwhile, Kalen is struggling on the fish station and the pressure is getting to her and she sends up bad scallops. Blue Team moves up to entrees with their apps and Steve sends up soupy risotto and Sterling warns him, but he does not listen and it gets sent back. He rallies and the apps are done for Blue Team. Kalen sends up bad scallops and Chef Ramsay has her and Roe eat the mistake scallops!

JR and Frank are on the meat station and entrees are started. The halibut cooked the meat great from Santos and Fernando. However, the pork is raw and Frank knew it. Katie and Sade have the entrees going out for the Red Team and the Blue Team gets back on track with the entrees. However, they get fish sent back for being overcooked. Santos, of course, blames it on the meat station and waiting on them. I don’t like people not taking the blame for their mistakes!

Fish station continues to struggle for Red Team and they send up overcooked salmon, but Roe redeems herself on Hell’s Kitchen 2014! Now Santos sends up raw salmon and gets called out for it. Meat stations fault again??? More raw meat from the meat station, so Chef Ramsay kicks out JR, Frank, Santos and Fernando and Santos blames it on Frank and JR.

Both teams get their dinner service finished. Chef Ramsay said that both teams got weaker as the service went on and the Blue Team is the losing team tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13. They must now nominate two chefs. They deliberate and it looks like JR and Frank will be going up and the guys are happy their plan is working. JR calls out Steve, but Aaron backs him up and the chefs start thinking. Yup, Aaron should have shut up and it looks like Steve could be going up!

RESULTS: Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team has nominated JR and Steve! Chef Ramsay is surprised because four guys got kicked out and Steve survived, but is nominated? He brings down Frank also, as he was busy checking himself out in the mirror rather than cooking. However, he said that JR cooks like he has given up and he sends him home! The other chefs survive the cut.

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