The chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 will be tested tonight and it looks like some of them are not doing well, as the pressure of the show and competition is getting to them and some of them will crack tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12! And by cracking we mean trying to crack another chefs head open in anger! Watch with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, we saw the chefs make their second attempt at dinner service. The first one was a disaster and everyone was kicked out of the kitchen. It seemed like no dishes were even sent out during the premiere episode, so there was some improvement last week, as some apps started going out and the Blue Team was even working on some entrees! However, it was disaster after disaster and bad dishes sent up to Chef Ramsay and he was over it and everyone was eventually kicked out of dinner service…again! The teams nominated chefs, but Chef Ramsay pulled a quick one and eliminated Nicole, who seemed to show no passion while being there and had no real skills.

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the chefs head back to the dorm and Kashia is excited to see Nicole gone. None of them seemed to like her. Simone is avoiding all the drama.

It is 5:45am and the chefs are woken up! They are given overalls and boots and here we go! They head out to meet Chef Ramsay and the pigs and lamb and other animals are in the pen! For this challenge, three chefs from each team will take turns to go into the pen and dig up potatoes! The first team to 100 pounds wins! The Blue Team worked it out and beat the Red Team and are very excited, but Chef Ramsay laughs at them and tells them to meet him in the kitchen for Part 2!

For Part 2, they have 40 minutes to create a potato dish! While this may be a team challenge, Chef Ramsay will be looking for chefs to stand out. He will only taste five dishes from each side, so they must decide who has the best five dishes. Simone has lost her mind and is going crazy!

Round 1: Jessica vs. Richard. He said Jessica’s dish is fragrant and delicious and gets four points. For Richard, he said potatoes are smooth and crab falling through and four points for him, so tied 4-4.

Round 2: Sandra vs. Ralph. Three points each, so tied 7-7.

Round 3: Bev – 2 and Jason – 4, so 11-9 lead for Blue Team.

Round 4: Melanie – 4 and Mike – 1, so a 13-12 lead for Red Team.

Final Round: Joy – 5 and Scott – 4, so a 18-16 win for the Red Team! For winning, they will see Southern California’s coastline on an 80-foot sailboat! For losing, the men will head out and have to clean up the animals in the pen! While the men are cleaning, the women are out on the water and it is beautiful!

The next day arrives and the chefs are prepping for the dinner service. Rochelle woke up sick and is hacking it up, which apparently gets Simone sick? She is saying she is sick and shaky and weak, but all her teammates know she is faking and giving up! Over in the Blue Kitchen, we see DeMarco chop his finger off while slicing food!

We get Simone and Rochelle back in the kitchen as service starts and no DeMarco for the Blue Team. Simone is acting all out of it and stupid, but is it only an act?

First ticket comes back and the apps are starting. Joy and Anton are looking for a successful start. Joy and Anton get the apps correctly and we have food going out of the kitchen, which is a first! Mike is helping Chris with the fish station and keeping track, but Mike has no clue of what is going on. Meanwhile, Simone screws up the lobster and has no clue! DeMarco returns for the Blue Team. Jessica and Simone are continuing to screw up the fish station and Chef Ramsay is not happy!

The Blue Team has moved on to entrees and Chris and Mike have no communication on the fish station and it is not going well. The Red Team has moved on to entrees also and Rochelle is out of it with her sickness and not thinking straight. Both teams are sending up terrible dishes and garnish! DeMarco screws up the chicken, so the halibut from Scott is wasted and Chef Ramsay said no more dishes go out without a complete table! Jessica and Simone screw up the fish again and he congratulates them for being the two worst chefs to grace the fish station and Simone laughs!

He kicks out Simone and Jessica and puts Bev and Melanie on the fish station. Scott and Chris have communication issues and can’t get their dishes done at the same time and Chef Ramsay is over it, so he kicks all of them out! More bad fish for Red Team, even though Sandra nailed the Beef Wellington, and he cooks all of them out! Third time is not the charm, as they cannot complete dinner service again.

Chef Ramsay asks each team to nominate three chefs to drop some of the dead weight! And the tension is rising in both of the rooms, as Sandra is pissed for her name being brought up and Mike doesn’t think he deserves to go up and Jason is getting in his face. These chefs are ridiculous on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Red Team nominates Simone, Rochelle and Sandra. For the Blue Team, it is Mike, DeMarco and Chris. He calls down Simone, Mike and DeMarco and takes their jackets! He gives them ten seconds to say why he should keep them! Right before he makes his decision, Simone said it is okay and she can go, so he sends her home! The other men get their jackets back and are safe tonight!

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