Time for Chef Gordon Ramsay to work the final four chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight and see which one will be the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 13! It is Sade, La Tasha, Bryant and Jennifer still remaining and one of them will win tonight and become executive chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Tonight we find out who wins it all, so come watch with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who won Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Season 13 Spoilers - Finale Preview 4

Last week on Hells Kitchen Season 13, it was two full hours of the show and two full hours of drama with the remaining chefs! I understand they all want to win, but they need to get it together. They all just hate everything that everyone else does, but then they can do no wrong themselves. Santos was huge on that, so I was glad to see him eliminated during the first hour. Then I was shocked to see Roe eliminated in the second hour, even though she has been up for elimination so many times this season. I still thought she was good, but Chef Ramsay could not save her again!

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We are back to the two-hour finale tonight on FOX, as we start the night with four chefs and only one will be left standing when the two hours is done! Who do you think it will be? We made our predictions earlier today, so go check them out and come back for our recap starting soon!


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