It all comes down to this tonight, as we will see Chef Gordon Ramsay crown one of the two remaining chefs as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, but first we have to sit through two new hours of Hell’s Kitchen 2013! Talk about dragging it out, but we will see the two chefs make a trip to Vegas and prepare for the final dinner service of the season! Tonight we find out who wins it all, so come watch with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Recap and see who won Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 Spoilers - Gordon Ramsay

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, FOX decided again that the viewers would not tune in this week unless they ended the episode as a clifhanger. Mary made it to the finale and Cyndi was sent home, but which of the two remaining chefs (Jon or Ja’Nel) would be taking on Mary in the finale? I guess we will find that out at the start of the show tonight!

It is going to be a long two hours of wait to find out who wins Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight, but Chef Ramsay will find a way of dragging it out for us. The friends and family will be present at the big finale as the winner is crowned! Who do you think it will be? We made our predictions earlier today, so go check them out and come back for our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Recap or who won Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start with a long recap of the last episode and it looks like maybe Ja’Nel will move on, based on that edit??? I was correct, as the final two chefs are Mary and Ja’Nel. I am surprised that it is two women, but the Blue Kitchen did suck it up this season, so it is fitting!

Mary said never underestimate a butcher with a soft voice and Chef Ramsay said it is the year of the lady. The chefs head out to pack their bags and they are going to Vegas! Private plane ride with Chef Ramsay and they share some laughs and take a look back at the season and the journeys of the final two chefs. Who do you think is going to win tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

He tells them to come up with their menus and come up with four stunning appetizers, four stunning entrees and two beautiful desserts. They get to Vegas and are personally driven to their rooms for the night. It is beyond gorgeous and I want to stay in that suite! The chefs spend the night working on their menus.

The next day arrives and the chefs meet with their sous chefs, Chef Andi and Chef James. They give some tips and some ideas on changing things, but now it is time to go back to Hell’s Kitchen. A knock on the door and they get a special message from Chef Ramsay which tells them they will be meeting with someone special from Caesars Palace.

First they meet with the President of Caesars Palace and then they go to Chef Ramsay’s steakhouse and meet with Christine, the winner of Season 10. She gives them some advice and how to pick their brigade and not pick their best friend. Then it is time to get their final chef jackets before heading back to Hell’s Kitchen and are relaxing in the dorms, but Chef Ramsay calls and tells them to pack their bags because they are headed out for another overnight trip!

They head out to Union Station and as they get a tour they get surprise visits from their friends and families!!! They are ready to board their train, but then they walk in a huge room and it is packed with fans and lights and screams. They aren’t getting on a train, but they will be competing in their last challenge of the season. They have one hour to create five stunning dishes: one cold app, one hot app and one entree featuring chicken, beef and fish.

Ja’Nel and Mary are back in the kitchen and working fast because this is some major pressure on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Ja’Nel is doing beef cheeks, which are not a popular meat, but she wants to take risks. The time runs out and the chefs bring up their plates and time for the judges to taste their dishes.

Cold App: For Ja’Nel, she called it a BLT and they said that is a bit of a stretch, but they liked it. For Mary, they said good job preparing, but wouldn’t have used sesame oil. They give Ja’Nel the point.

Hot App: Ja’Nel – they loved the flavors, but it is missing the seasonality. Mary – likes the seasoning and it is done really well. The point goes to Mary, so we are tied.

Fish Entree: Ja’Nel – the fish is nice and moist, but a little busy. Mary – it’s good and looks beautiful…definitely a sexy dish. The point goes to Ja’Nel and a 2-1 lead for her.

Chicken Entree: Ja’Nel – wow…stunning. Mary – gorgeous and it’s great. The point goes to Mary and of course we are tied 2-2. Can it be any other way?

Beef Entree: Ja’Nel – she made beef cheeks and is worried, but the judge is a huge fan of beef cheeks and she is excited. He said they are cooked perfectly and the tenderness is nice and she did a great job. Mary – technically, the dish is flawless and it is an exceptional dish. The point goes to Ja’Nel and she wins the final challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11!

For winning, she gets to pick the first teammate on her brigade and they will do it now. The returning chefs are: Jon, Cyndi, Susan, Amanda, Nedra, Dan, Anthony, Zach and Ray.

Ja’Nel picks Cyndi, Susan, Zach (I’m shocked), Amanda and Ray. Mary picks Jon, Anthony, Nedra, Michael and Dan. Did they make wise choices? And why was Zach picked so early??? They get envelopes with special instructions for dinner service, but they can’t open it until they get back to Hell’s Kitchen. 

They open their letters and they are hinting around the idea: it could be a gift…it could be a curse….wow. What is it people??? It turns out they can trade one of their members of the brigade with someone on the other side of the brigade. Ja’Nel thinks she is good to go, but Mary wants to get rid of Dan. It doesn’t work and she is stuck with him.

Mary meets with her brigade and she is having issues with Dan already and tells them all to fight and it is redemption time for them all. Yup, Dan is still a pain! Ja’Nel and her team meet and the brigade does not like her menu and Cyndi does not want to do beef cheeks, but they won over the judge in the final challenge. Ja’Nel is now considering switching teammates! Cyndi may not agree with her menu, but she is going to work with her and get this done and be a team player. Ja’Nel is feeling much better now!

It is the day of dinner service and Zach is sure that Ja’Nel will win because she has himself and Ray, but the other teammates think they might be screwed because of them on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Dan is giving an attitude to Mary already and is taking forever working on butter!!! Jon takes over and this is not going to be pretty.

Dan is over it and walks out of the kitchen and has a cigarette. He thinks he has too much talent to waste, so he heads back in to help Mary out…how kind of him!

Now Chef Ramsay comes in and he gets to sample the dishes the chefs will be making tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Ja’Nel passes the test and he loves them all, so her nerves are calmed and she is ready to go. The same for Mary and let’s get this service started!!!

They have two chefs table tonight with VIP guests: Anthony Anderson, Kat Graham and Tony Hawk. I guess they will be sharing the tables? Pep talk from Mary and Ja’Nel and the doors open and the celebrities start arriving, including both of the VIP tables.

Mary starts the first ticket and she is screwing up and she did not do that during the previous dinner. She clears it up and starts giving orders clearly again. Ja’Nel is giving orders and Cyndi tells the chefs they all need to answer her and she seems to have Cyndi fighting for her.

Nedra sends up a salad for Mary and she never even tasted it and she must go back and do it again!!! She is going to be a pain for the Red Team and Mary! Ray is screwing up salads on the Blue Team and apparently a salad is hard to make. Nedra is still screwing up for Mary. Anthony uses one of Nedra’s analogies and she is struggling like two fat bitches! The struggles continue and Dan is going to lose it with Mary’s voice!

We are 45 minutes into dinner service and Nedra can’t get it together on apps for the Red Team. Mary gives her one more chance and if she screws up then she is out! She bounces back and apps are going out again for the Red Team on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Ray screws up salad again, but he is thinking Ja’Nel is being too picky.

Jon is working on scallops for Mary and only calls back one scallop, but then wants two orders. She is confused and I think the pressure is getting to her! The final apps are delivered to the dining room and the guests are enjoying them, but now we are moving on to the entrees for the Red Team.

For the Blue Team, Ja’Nel has one more app order to get out and they send up burnt bread! It seems like the simple things they are screwing up tonight: bread and salad! They now move on to entrees.

Mary is in a groove and the entrees are going out and she is happy with her leadership skills. Dan is working on the meat station and he has a ton of meat out and he sends up raw meat! He then sends up cold steak and she gives him one more chance! He sends up cold steak again and she is over him and kicks him out! Not good redemption for Dan, huh? And now we know why she didn;t want him on her team!

Nedra takes over for Dan and she tells her that they are one minute out, so Mary sends out the dishes for the table without the steak. Nedra then finds out that Dan overcooked the steaks and now one guy is waiting on steak for the table while the others eat! She finally finds one cooked properly and he gets to eat with this friends, but he says worth the wait.

Susan is working on garnish and it comes up cold and no salt and Ja’Nel is going off. She gets it under control and entrees are going out again for Blue Team. That doesn’t work long, as Zach needs six minutes for his chicken, but Amanda has fish ready to go out on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11.

Mary is losing control and is confused, as she is asking for food that her team already gave her!!! She calms down and gets the entrees out. The Blue Team is still waiting on the entrees and no one is answering Ja’Nel’s questions. They are both falling apart. They get it together and the VIPs get their plates.

Mary may have had a lot of issues, but she gets her final two tickets done and she has completed dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Ja’Nel finishes right behind her and now the decision is up to Chef Ramsay! Who do you think it will be? They head up to the dorms and wait for him to call them with his decision.

Chef Ramsay goes over the comment cards and looks at their time on the show to determine who he wants as his head chef. He calls and he has made his decision and they are headed to his office! He says Ja’Nel is a natural leader and she ran the kitchen well tonight. He said Mary has improved greatly and she was born to cook.

The chefs go to their doors and out walks Ja’Nel and she is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 11! I called it!!! What do you think?

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