The Top 5 chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 take on dinner service as one team tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, but they will have some opponents in the kitchen: some culinary superstars lined up by Chef Gordon Ramsay! The chefs competing have not been named yet, but can we expect any returning chefs from previous seasons? Maybe last year’s winner? Find out tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 18

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, we saw Chef Ramsay surprises the chefs with visits from their loved one. It was an emotional night in Hell’s Kitchen, but then he lightened the mood by giving all five of the remaining chefs a black jacket! They have formed one final team heading into the finale, but which one will be named the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 11?

We have some time before we get to that stage of the game, including tonight’s dinner service going head-to-head against some top chefs in the business. FOX and Chef Ramsay have managed to bring on some big names this season as guest judges, so we can only imagine who will actually be cooking tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013! We will find out in a little bit, so follow along with us during our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…a look back at last week’s episode, which kept us all wondering who would be competing tonight against the five remaining chefs. Any ideas? Here they come: Season 3 winner Rahman “Rock” Harper, Season 4 winner Christina Machamer, Season 6 winner Dave Levey, Season 8 winner Nona Sivley and Season 9 winner Paul Niedermann.

As a special twist, the chefs will come up with one appetizers and one entree which represents themselves. They have one hour to make their decisions and they get to pick the specials. Susan wanted to do sliders and keep it simple, but the others disagree. Mary comes up with beef tartare. Over on the winners teams, Nona is being difficult to work with and they are coming up with nothing. They finally come up with duck, but their big egos may not blend well together.

Mary wants to do duck, but Susan thinks it is too hard to do. Everyone else agrees with Mary and thinks it sounds delicious, so Susan is overruled. For stations, they get to decide and the drama starts as Cyndi and Susan both want meat, but Cyndi feels she is stronger…let the drama begin! Susan decides to let Cyndi do the meat station and she will be a floater.

The next day arrives and the Final Five head into the kitchen to get prepped for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. The winners return to the kitchen and smack talk is beginning. They both must prepare a sample of their app and entree for Chef Ramsay to taste. Jon and Mary work on the duck, but it gets in the oven late…according to Susan.

The timing is running out to serve the samples to Chef Ramsay and the duck is not even close to being done for the Final Five. He is going to have to taste it without the duck and he will not be happy! He loves the app for the Final Five, but is ticked they can’t finish the app!

For the champions, he thinks the app is nice and the same with the entree. They are all patting themselves on the back! The Final Five try again with their dishes and Chef Ramsay thinks they are really good, so the dinner service is starting!!! Who do you think is going to win tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

The apps get started and Jon and Mary are working on scallops, but Jon wants to do all the work to get the credit on an important dinner service. However, Mary gets the compliment for her scallops and nothing for Jon! Over on the winners, Nona sends up bad risotto and she must do it again! It works the second time around, but then Dave tries to help her out and their egos are clashing!

Now Mary is working on her communication skills, since Chef Ramsay wants to hear them talk. Everyone, including me, is annoyed by that damn voice! Susan and Ja’Nel are working on apps and are on a different page, but they make it work and have apps going out.

The champions are getting behind on apps though. Rock is a little confused and not on the same plate as the other chefs, but Dave is taking a lead. It helps because the winners have delivered all their apps and move on to entrees. The Final Five are trying to finish up their last ticket of apps, but Susan is struggling on making the pasta and timing and getting frantic because everyone is riding her….good lord!

It may have taken a while, but Susan gets the pasta done and it passes Chef Ramsay’s inspection and they move onto entrees. Over to the winners and Christina and Paul are pushing out entrees on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 and everything is going well. Then Paul sends up some raw lamb, which apparently they like in New York, but not in L.A. He makes the correction and it gets sent out, but the diner sends it back for being raw!

Over with the Final Five on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and Cyndi is sending up great duck and entrees are going out. Then Chef Ramsay tells Mary to stop staring at him with her crazy eyes! It doesn’t affect the entrees though, as they continue to go out. The winners are  working well together now and having entrees going out also.

We now have the final ticket for the Final Five, but Cyndi is falling behind on the meat and things wait on her. We have the final ticket also for the winners, even though Dave is doing some flirting with Christina. Can they keep their stuff in their pants, huh? Cyndi gets it together and they finish their final ticket and done before the winners. Does that mean a victory for them?

Well, not so fast as Cyndi’s lamb came back from a diner complaining it was raw. Now she throws one in the pan again and sends it up to Chef Ramsay, but it is raw again and the shit is hitting the fan on Hell’s Kitchen 2013!

The winners get their final ticket out, so they did finish before the Final Five. Cyndi finally gets the lamb right and the diner is happy, so now to find out who wins. Chef Ramsay said he has never seen a perfect dinner service like that. He reads the comment cards and 95% of the winning chef’s diners would return. As good as it is, the Final Five get a 93% and they are the losing team. We all knew this was coming.

Now they must go back to the dorms on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and nominate two chefs for elimination. It should be Cyndi and Susan, right? They screwed up the lamb and pasta. With only five chefs left, you know this is going to get ugly! None of them want to go home, so they are just trying to find an excuse to send the other chefs home and nitpick what they did!

They are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees are Susan and Cyndi. Of course, they all don’t agree and Chef Ramsay asked Cyndi who are the two weakest chefs and she said Susan and Mary. Then Susan says it should be Cyndi and Mary as the two weakest. He then asks Cyndi and Susan to step forward and say why they should be there still. He thinks it over and both of them get to keep their black jackets! He said when they put a dinner service like that and almost match what the winners did, he couldn’t cut anyone but moving forward the chefs will be going home and it could be more than one next week!

Well, another week and no chefs went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Thoughts?

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