It is time for the seven remaining chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 to compete in one of my favorite challenges on Hell’s Kitchen: the Blind Taste Test! Chef Gordon Ramsay puts their senses to the test, as they are blindfolded and ears covered and given a sample of food to taste! This would be such a hard task to do, which is why I love this challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11! Come watch it with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 14

We saw the Blue Team lose another challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Season 11 last week, even with the addition of Nedra. She was looking for a change, but her new teammates did not want her on their team and was their a secret sabotage going on against her? She played a big part in her team getting kicked out of the kitchen during dinner service, but the Red Team was kicked out as well. Chef Ramsay was not impressed by Nedra and sent her home!

The final seven are moving closer and closer to that final dinner service and finding out who wins Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, but they must get through the Blind Taste Test and possibly completing dinner service tonight? It doesn’t look too good for them when eight chefs remain and they can’t complete dinner service! The black jackets are so close the chefs can smell them. Don’t miss a thing tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…we start with Jon talking about Atlas and rising up and babbling on and Anthony has no idea what he is talking about! The Red Team is talking and Mary thinks that Zach is the issue and he may have sabotaged Nedra because she was always  great on apps. They get into it and let’s just cook, okay? And kick off Zach!!!

The next morning arrives and tome for the challenge, as they meet Chef Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen 2013. He asks for two volunteers that are in sense with their sense of touch. He picks Cyndi and Anthony. He is putting an ingredient in the box and they have to feel around to determine what the ingredient is. They both guess eggs and are correct! Second up is polenta and they both get it right again! The last item is oysters and Anthony is correct, but Cyndi doesn’t know. The Blue Team wins, but it means nothing! The real sense is the 11th Annuel Blind Taste Test on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11!

One member will go twice since they are short one person, but they can’t figure out who to pick! Zach wants to do it, but he is full of himself, right? They go with Zach and he says he’s got this and Mary said he is a moron, so this is a piece of cake! Do you agree?

It is Mary versus Zach to start and blindfolds are on! Up first: scallions. Zach is right, but Mary is wrong. Second item: Papaya. Both are wrong, so a 1-0 lead for Blue. Third item: Turkey. Zach is right and Mary guesses egg yolk! It is a 2-0 lead for Zach. Fourth item: Zucchini and they both get it right, so it is a 3-1 lead for Blue Team.

Now it is Ja’Nel against Anthony. First item: Broccoli. Ja’Nel is right and Anthony wrong. Second item: Pistachio. Ja’Nel right and Anthony wrong, so tied 3-3 now. Third item: Halibut. Tuna is the guess for both, so both wrong. The last item: Prune. Ja’Nel is correct and Anthony wrong, so a 4-3 lead for Red Team now!

Now it is Cyndi against Jon. First item: Cheddar and both are correct. Duck is next and Jon correct, but Cyndi is wrong and a 4-4 tie. Third item: Parsnip. Cyndi right and Jon wrong. Last item: Brussel Sprouts and both wrong, a 6-5 lead for the Red Team.

The final matchup is Susan against Zach. First item: White Asparagus and both are wrong. Second item: Egg White. Zach is right, but Susan is wrong and tied again. Third item: Garbanzo Beans and both wrong, so we go into the last item tied at 6! Last item: Cauliflower. Zach guesses white radish! Susan guesses cauliflower and he wins it for the Red Team and another loss for the Blue Team!

For winning, they will be treated to the best seafood around at Nobu and be heading to the Santa Monica Mountains for horseback riding! For losing, the guys will be working on delivery day! Truckloads are on their way.

The ladies are enjoying their food, as the guys are bringing in all the ingredients and Anthony is dumping flour on the red carpet. It is then bread and ice, as the ladies are riding their horses! Anthony signs off on the ice invoice, but then there is a ton of ice in the back of the kitchen and they notice he screwed up! They only needed ten of the 25-lb bag and 20 of the 50-lb bag. They got way too many, so time for them to bring the ice back to the truck and doubled their workload and Jon and Zach want Anthony gone!

Now the guys start prepping for dinner service the next day on Hell’s Kitchen 2013! The ladies come back excited, but the guys are not happy as they continue prep work.

The next morning arrives and Chef Ramsay calls up and asks for everyone to come down to the kitchen right now! He tells them they are all so close to earning that black jacket and down comes the frame with the jacket in it. He said he needs more information before they get the jackets, so he wants to do an individual challenge! They have 45 minutes to create any dish they want and the winner will receive immunity in the next dinner service, no matter what happens.

Susan is doing lamb to redeem herself from earlier in Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. The women are communicating with each other and working well, even though it is an individual challenge. On the Blue Team, Jon is talking to…himself! Zach thinks he is one step away from the looney bin! Zach thinks his dish is like sending someone to the moon for the first time ever. Susan’s lamb is not done in the middle as time is running out and Cyndi is trying to help her, but will she screw up the lamb again?!?!

She gets it plated and now time for Chef Ramsay to taste. Ja’Nel starts out and she made duck breast and he thinks it is cooked beautifully and a great start. She gets a seat in the winner’s chair. Anthony is next and made a seared ribeye. Chef Ramsay said it is slightly overcooked, but a raw carrot and Ja’Nel remains in the winner’s chair. Susan and her lamb dish is next. He loves the tenacity of her trying it again, but it is raw again! Ja’Nel remains in the winner’s chair.

Jon is next and made seared Mahi Mahi and the fish is cooked beautifully and very good indeed, but is it better than Ja’Nel’s dish on Hell’s Kitchen 2013? It was better and Jon gets the spot in the winner’s chair! Mary is next with a pan-seared filet and he said it is cooked beautifully, but it is spoiled by a heavy sauce and such a sham. Jon remains in winner’s chair.

Zach is next and he made his twist on surf and turf. Chef Ramsay is not happy with what he did with the filet and he wants more filet and Jon remains in the winner’s chair. Cyndi is the last chef tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. She made a pan-seared halibut and the fish is cooked beautifully. He said it is very good indeed.

Chef Ramsay said that Cyndi’s and Jon’s dish are the best two dishes, but who wins immunity??? To Be Continued!!!! Ugh…we find out on next week’s episode. Damn you FOX, Chef Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen 2013! Who do you think will win immunity?

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