We get to see the contestants on Food Network Star 2014 will be heading out to Las Vegas tonight on Next Food Network Star 2014 to continue their journey on becoming the winner of Food Network Star Season 10. They’ll get a surprise in Vegas though, as the winner of Star Salvation will be rejoining the competition. Everyone was upset when Luca was eliminated earlier in the season, but did he fight his way back into the competition? Watch it all go down tonight with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 7

The contestants had to create their own products representing their brand last week on Food Network Star Season 10. From there, they went in front of the green screen and shot commercials to sell their products. They were placed in random places around the world and still forced to sell their products no matter where they landed. Reuben has always been critiqued with how fast he talks and not being able to understand. He may have taken it too far with watching that, as he was boring and not fun during his time on the moon selling his product and the judges send him home!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…the contestants arrive in Las Vegas! The six contestants arrive at Caesar’s Palace and meet Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown. They find out the winner of Star Salvation, as Luca comes back and he is back in the competition!!! Nicole doesn’t think he has had the time to grow like them, but he has been doing competitions this whole time silly!

MENTOR CHALLENGE: They meet Giada at the Bacchanal Buffet. They will have a bunch of dishes to describe and have to describe three dishes in 90 seconds and they must make Giada hungry to move to the next dish. Nicole is feeling confident tonight for someone that is often on the bottom, so I am thinking she is going home tonight. What do you think? While Chris, Nicole and Sarah all struggled, Emma nails it and gets through all three dishes. Loreal is not a Mexican food fan and struggles getting through it. Luca got through two dishes and the other contestants are worried about him now, especially since he went home for not being able to communicate. Lenny moved on to the second dish and Giada was having fun with him. She said the whole challenge was kind of underwhelming and they will need this skill to make it through the next challenge.

STAR CHALLENGE: The contestants head down to the pool to meet Alton and Giada. They each have a station. They will each create a tasty dish for the pool party crowd. Before that, they will each have one minute to sell their dish to the crowd and get them to come eat their dish! They have 60 minutes to create their dish and come up with their pitch!

Sarah wants beef in her dish, but so does Chris and he runs in and grabs it before she can get a pan! He said he is using it all and she is pissed, but it is a competition. Loreal is thinking that Chris is not cooking his beef correctly. Nicole caters parties for a living, so she is feeling good about this challenge. Lenny is making coffee-rubbed burgers, which sounds so weird to me! Luca is worried about getting all his seafood cleaned and cut in time. The time runs out and time to head to the pool party to start cooking for the guests on Food Network Star 2014!

The contestants have one minute to sell their dish to the guests, who have only three tokens! They get to taste only three dishes, so these contestants must sell their dish big time! Alton brings out the “Dial of Doom” and the crowd will automatically get to evaluate their selling abilities!

Chris is up first and he is not good at selling the food and he is not even describing it well. Sarah says Texas way too many times and she needs to change her point-of-view…yet again! Nicole’s plate goes flying from the wind, but she recovers and does such a good job. She describes the food very well. Loreal spends too much time talking about how she likes to party and did not get through describing her dish! Emma is just amazing and describes her food, but then relates it to her life. She may be the winner of Food Network Star 2014! Lenny mentions burgers and the crowd loves it. He says he will belly flop into the pool if he wins! Luca is working it with the ladies this time and they are loving him, unlike his first video challenge!

TASTING: No one wants to eat Sarah’s food, but there is a huge line for Lenny and he is working that crowd! He is putting on a show and I love him! Nicole said she was making her dish with serrano ham, but actually used prosciutto and the judges are not happy about it. They seem to love Loreal’s dish. The women are going to Luca’s station, but the judges also love his dish and think it is perfect for a pool party. Giada is disappointed in Chris’ dish and Alton said the beef is overcooked. Sarah doesn’t have many tokens and Giada said it does not scream Texas. Emma nailed her speech for the crowd, but no one seems to be eating her food. Giada said it may be too complicated for a pool party. Everyone seems to be loving Lenny’s burger, including the judges. He can tell he has the most tokens, so he goes and does his belly flop, as promised!

RESULTS: Lenny was a landslide winner in this challenge and is safe. The judges also have Loreal, Luca and Nicole as safe. That means the bottom three are Chris, Sarah and Emma (why is she so great, but always in the bottom on Next Food Network Star 2014)? The judges discuss the bottom three and send home Chris, so Sarah and Emma remain in the competition!

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