Another challenge on Food Network Star 2014 tonight, as the remaining contestants on Next Food Network Star 2014 will have to create their own product that represents them and then create commercials to promote those products. This should be interesting to see, as they seem to be going to a weird location for these commercials to be shot on Food Network Star Season 10. Watch it all go down tonight with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 5

The contestants headed out on the road last week on Food Network Star 2014! They were each given a pairing of food that you would find at a 4th of July barbecue. They would create the food and then provide a demo to a live audience on how to make the dish or part of that dish. Christopher decided to show us how to plate the dish instead of cooking it and Reuben did not finish showing us his dish in time. While Reuben did not finish his dish, he still did demo something. Christopher did not and the judges thought that was enough to send him home!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE: The contestants meet the judges and find out they will be focusing on their point-of-view and creating a packaged food product that shows who they are and then will be selling that product. They will be creating a 30-second commercial and could have any place pop-up on the screen behind them! They have 60 minutes to come up with a product and make it!

The judges tell Chris to watch his rambling during the commercial. Giada De Laurentiis tells Lenny to taste all the peppers in his dish and remember what they taste like. Sarah is making baby food and she seems to change her point-of-view every week! The judges seem to like the taste of it though. Emma is making beets and Giada said that she needs to stand out and that beets tend to scare people. Lenny and Loreal are both making a hot sauce.

The time runs out and the products are ready. They get their settings: Nicole is selling in the old West. Loreal in a tomato garden. Reuben is on the moon! Lenny is at the Great Wall of China. Emma is in Paris. Sarah is on a tropical island. Chris is in the desert trying to sell butter!

The contestants meet with graphic designers to show how to package their products and get them ready to sell them for their commercial on Food Network Star 2014.

It is time for the contestants on Next Food Network Star 2014 to work on their commercials, as they head to Zoic Studio and a 360-degree green screen! They get the lowdown on everything and then start shooting the commercials. Sarah is first and she has a whole script written out and is ready to go, but then way over on time! She now must freestyle it. Nicole is struggling with the lines and getting used to the Old West for her coastal product. Loreal seems to nail her commercial and so comfortable on the camera. Reuben wants to walk on the moon, but then it takes up too much time with his babbling self! Emma hs the French accent going and the director seems to love her timing. Chris is always worried about timing, but now he has ten seconds remaining and barely talked about his product. Lenny is trying to be a big character, but director wants to know why he is at the Great Wall.

JUDGING: The executives of Food Network are back, so the contestants are so nervous. They did not like the accent from Emma and it was cheesy, but they loved the beets and the packaging. For Lenny, they did not know where he was and maybe he pushed too hard on the product, but they loved his sauce. For Chris, he started strong, but then he never talked about the product and how to use it and dead air at times, but again the judges loved the product. For Nicole, they thought she lost her confidence and it was missing star power, but loved the product. For Loreal, they seemed to love everything about her commercial, but the product did not wow them over. For Sarah, Bobby loved her, but Giada did not and the executives did not know about her point-of-view and lining up with the baby food, but they liked the food. For Reuben, they said he was flat and did not use the moon, but the product is good. The six chefs moving on tonight on Next Food Network Star 2014 will be heading to Las Vegas for the next step in the journey!

RESULTS: They thought Loreal had the best commercial and Chris had the best product, so they are safe tonight. They also thought that Lenny and Sarah were good, so they are also safe. That leaves us with a bottom three of Reuben, Emma and Nicole and one of them will be going home. Who do you think it will be?

The judges discuss the bottom three and decide that it is time for Reuben to go home, so he has been eliminated on Food Network Star 2014 tonight and Emma and Nicole move on to Las Vegas!

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star Season 10 tonight?

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