We are back on Sunday night and that means the contestants on Food Network Star 2014 will be competing in another challenge and moving one step closer to finding out the winner of Food Network Star Season 10. If only, the Food Network Star judges 2014 (Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis) could get it together and actually judge the same challenge we are watching! Maybe it will happen tonight on Next Food Network Star 2014? Find out during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap below and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 5

The contestants were faced with another camera challenge last week on Food Network Star 2014, as they headed out to YouTube and were attempting to make a viral video while promoting Hershey’s products! The whole concept was hard to come up with and the judges picked the wrong winning team, as Team Payday lost the challenge and probably had one of the most entertaining videos! In the end, the judges sent home Aryen after some lackluster shots on the camera. However, should Team Payday even been the team in danger of being eliminated?

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…the contestants head out to Knott’s Berry Farm and meet the judges.

CHALLENGE: They will be given an hour to cook up a pairing that would be perfect for July 4th in 60 minutes. Loreal gets steak and she is ecstatic, but the pressure will be on for her to do it perfect. Nicole got pulled pork, which she doesn’t know how she can do in an hour. Sarah gets pasta and knows Giada will be judging her hardcore! The contestants will make their dish and then demonstrate them to a live crowd in the theme park for three minutes!

The contestants start cooking and Emma is worried about projecting her voice to the live crowd, since she is more quiet and the judges say she has a calming voice.Her crab cakes are not holding together and she has to make a whole new batch! She is adapting and hoping to get it together. The judges tell Reuben to make sure he slows it down for the demo. Nicole said she has “resting bitch face” and needs to put on a smile for the live crowd and have fun! They say if Christopher does not knock it out of the park, then he is dead to them. Sarah screwed up burgers earlier in the season, so she is hoping to nail it this time. They think this is the perfect setting for Lenny. They like the energy from Loreal and tell her to keep that up for the challenge. The time runs out and time to get these demos started! Lenny realizes he cooked all his fish and now has none for the demo!

DEMOS: Reuben starts strong, but it all falls apart and he talks about getting gloves from a hospital and apologizes for speaking in Spanish at times. He doesn’t finish anything and the judges are not impressed with the dish and it is inconsistent. Nicole does great with the demo and has good energy and the judges like the dish, but she linked it to the Jersey Shore and not liking that. Chris goes with the entertainment value and gets the crowd laughing and he actually finishes his demo, so he did well. The judges think there is no flavor on the chicken and no flavor in the mac and cheese. Loreal gets the biggest applause from the crowd and calls herself the Butcher Babe, but the steak is not seasoned well.

Lenny is so funny and entertaining, but he only made guacamole for his demo! The judges enjoyed his dish and tacos, but they learned nothing from his demo. Christopher is just talking and talking and not even using any food! He shows the crowd how to plate the dish and not cook anything. The judges said he can cook and best-looking plate of the day, but he can’t cook and talk at the same time. Emma has a strong voice and her story is great and uses it while making her dishes. The judges hate the coleslaw and the crab cake is dry, but they say everyone loves her. Sarah seems a little lost with the new POV of Texas, but she is friendly. The judges said the salad is like a deli salad and the burger is dry and not a whole lot of flavor.

EVALUATIONS: Positive and negative things to say about each of them on Food Network Star 2014: they either liked the dish and hated demo or hated the dish and liked the demo. Two people excelled in this challenge (Loreal and Lenny) and they are safe this week. The bottom two are Christopher and Reuben and the other contestants are safe tonight. What do you think?

RESULTS: They think Christopher can cook, but not teach. Reuben has moments where he can teach, but not sure if the culinary talent is there. It was not a unanimous decision, but because they have to look at what they demoed in a live demo, they have to send home Christopher and Reuben is still in the competition.

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star 2014 tonight?

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