It is time for the contestants on Food Network Star 2014 to get into the video making business, as they will be trying to create a viral video for Hershey’s in a team challenge on Next Food Network Star 2014! It is always interesting to see how the contestants will work together in a team challenge and this could get crazy tonight on Food Network Star Season 10. Check it out with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 4

The contestants had Cutthroat Kitchen last week on Food Network Star Season 10, as the contestants competed in two heats to create certain dishes, but they could buy sabotages to take down their biggest competition. It appears that most of the contestants seem to be intimidated by Lenny, which the cowboy has a huge personality and they have every right to be afraid of him. He is likable, but even their sabotages could get him eliminated, but it did get him in the bottom four! Despite not getting a sabotage against him, Kenny made another terrible dish and the judges eliminated him!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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MENTOR CHALLENGE – The contestants meet Bobby Flay and he said they need to have a social media presence if they want to be a Food Network Star. They will need to create a 60-second behind-the-scenes video for the fans, so like a Selfie Video. They have to give a cooking tip during it and make it as interesting as possible.

The contestants get started and Nicole is trying to work on more personable, but then she feels she got into that professional voice by the time it ended. Reuben tried to slow it down and not talk so fast. Sarah brought us behind the scenes and was very personable. Chris wanted to work on his timing and he actually finished the video in time! Lenny feels like he is doing too much. Emma was trying to be more friendly. Christopher was trying to work on being better on-camera. Loreal is being funny and creative and it looked fun! Aryen is not doing well and fumbling big time during her video!

JUDGING – They are back in front of Bobby Flay. He really liked Sarah, but the tip was an afterthought. He notices Christopher is letting his hair down a little bit. He said the camera was too close for Aryen and she looked nervous. Chris was so focused on his timing that he forgot to talk about himself! He said it is the most energy he has seen from Emma and he liked all of it. He said Lenny was not very clear about his tip. He said Loreal had some fun moments in there, but she missed out on saying she was a cool butcher. He said he got a little clue of who Nicole may be. He said Reuben was rushed. The winner of this challenge is Emma and she gets a significant advantage in the next challenge!

STAR CHALLENGE – The contestants head to the YouTube headquarters! They meet Alton Brown and Bobby Flay and they are surrounded by Hershey’s candy! They will be working in teams and must make a video to represent the product. Emma will pick the teams and she picks Nicole and Reuben (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). The other teams are Aryen, Lenny and Christopher (Payday) on one team and Sarah, Loreal and Chris (Mounds and Almond Joy). Shaycarl will be helping with the production of the video.

They have 30 minutes to work on the idea for the video. Team Payday will build a monster out of Paydays that will be glued all on Lenny. Christopher will be this mad scientist and going out of his comfort zone. They are worried about him getting into character. Team Reese’s will have Reuben teaching Spanish to Emma and Nicole and Reese’s saves the day, but Emma is worried it might be boring when they go through rehearsals. Team Mounds is struggling with an idea and they all might want to be the star.

Team Payday goes through for Shaycarl and they are awesome! He just tells Aryen to nail that last line and make sure it is heard. Team Mounds is not doing well and just happy to have something done!

JUDGING – For Team Reese’s, it is cute and they did well together. For Team Mounds, it is just awkward and Chris is the star, as Loreal and Sarah don’t have many lines. For Team Payday, Aryen nails it with that voice and everyone seems shocked! The judges discuss the videos. They have positives and negatives about each video, so who knows on this one!

RESULTS – The contestants are back in front of the judges on Food Network Star 2014. The winning team tonight is Team Reese’s, so Emma, Nicole and Reuben are safe tonight. Team Mounds did enough to edge out Team Payday, so Sarah, Loreal and Chris are safe tonight as well. That means Christopher, Lenny and Aryen are the bottom three tonight and I think that sucks. What do you think?

They couldn’t understand anything Aryen was saying and thought Christopher wasn’t even needed in the video to make it a success. Lenny was the star, so the judges say he is safe! Alton can’t get past Aryen screwing up the product placement and not understanding her. Giada wants Christopher gone, so it is up to Bobby tonight! Based on what he saw at the Mentor Challenge, he sends home Aryen and Christopher is safe tonight!

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star 2014 tonight?

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