It will be a Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network Star 2014 tonight, as the ten remaining contestants will battle it out in the kitchen and be able to bid on different sabotages to try and ruin the chances of their opponents on Food Network Star Season 10! How far would you go to guarantee a victory for yourself? We shall see what these contestants will do and who they think their biggest competitors are when the sabotages are handed out!  Check it out with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 3

Last week on Food Network Star Season 10, the contestants got their first chance of working in front of the camera while cooking a dish. They were given everyday ingredients people would find in their house and each given 15 minutes to prepare a dish, all while being recorded and having to explain what they were making and how to make it. Little did they know that Chef Alex Guarnaschelli was on the other side of that wall trying to create their dishes from their instructions! Even though Chris and Kenny did not finish their dishes and had nothing on their plate, the judges sent home Luca because he did not look at the camera while recording (stupid mistake, judges)!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…the contestants head to the kitchen and meet Bobby Flay and Alton Brown.

MENTOR CHALLENGE: It is Cutthroat Kitchen and the contestants are given $2,500. They are given 30 minutes to make a simple dish, but they can use their money to buy sabotages to try and hurt their opponents. The contestant with the best dish from each heat will win the money they have remaining. Bobby will judge, but put in isolation while they cook.

HEAT #1 – This is Chris, Aryen, Nicole, Loreal and Christopher and they will make spaghetti and meatballs. They get two minutes to shop and they rush around and Nicole forgets to grab pasta! Time for auction and the first item is a pasta stirrer and the person that wins will get to choose their opponent to have it taped it to their hand! Loreal wins it for $400 and gives it to Chris. Next up are grinders and Chris wins them for $2,000 and gives the snow cone dispenser to Loreal, the coffee grinder to Christopher and the regular grinder to Nicole!

Chris is struggling with using only one hand. Loreal can’t get her meatballs to a right consistency with the snow cone machine. Then Alton brings in a big vat and the contestants will bid on making wine! The person that wins can give it to one person and they must stomp enough grapes to fill half a carafe and stop everything they are doing to make wine first on Food Network Star 2014! Loreal wins it for $1,200 and gives it to Nicole! She already is using a meat grinder and has no pasta, so this is screwing her over big time. Nicole finished and uses breadcrumbs and cheese to make some sort of pasta. The time runs out and they get dishes done and here comes Bobby Flay to judge along with guest judge Jet Tila.

JUDGING: For Christopher, Bobby liked his presentation. Jet said great flavors and knows his point-of-view. For Chris, he sucks at presenting and babbles. Bobby said they are not learning a lot about him and timing is his issue. Jet said the sauce was great, but he has to figure out timing and what he is going to say. For Nicole, they didn’t really say much and wanted better since no pasta. For Aryen, Jet said it is a little on the hot side and Bobby is sucking down a glass of water. For Loreal, Bobby said she is an interesting person, but a good interesting. He said the meatballs have a weird texture and there are too many ingredients in there and no balance of flavor!

HEAT #2 – This is Sarah, Lenny, Kenny, Reuben and Emma and they will be making a Breakfast Plate. Let the scrambling begin in the kitchen. They get back and the auction begins, as Alton brings out a trio of bacon (chocolate covered bacon, bacon chopped in a salad and a club sandwich) and the contestants must use them in their dish. Kenny wins for $1,000 and give the club sandwich to Sarah, the cobb salad to Lenny and chocolate covered bacon goes to Emma! They must use this bacon in place of their bacon they got while shopping! Alton brings out the mini-kitchen and the contestant must use it to make their dish! Lenny knows this is going to him, so he goes big and wins it for $2,500! He gives it to Reuben.

It is so funny to see Reuben cooking in the mini-kitchen, but it would have been funnier to see Lenny in there! Alton brings out the final auction item and it is a smoothie bike! They have to pedal the bike and make a smoothie. Emma wins it for $1,300 and gives it to Lenny! He must stop everything and head over to make his smoothie! Sarah is making quinoa and Alton questions it for breakfast, but she is focusing on southwestern flavors for Bobby Flay. Lenny finishes and starts making mapas, which are like sopapillas. The time runs out and time for judging!

JUDGING: For Emma, Jet said he likes her delivery and she is a friendly person. Bobby said chocolate and bacon…he is in. For Reuben, Bobby said he likes his presentation and he slowed it down. Jet said it is a pretty small dish. For Sarah, Bobby said it was cooked nicely, but she made the dish about Bobby and it should be made about her. For Kenny, Bobby said that is a lot in a glass and thinks he got a sabotage, but he didn’t! Jet said he has a lot of energy, but this combination does not work for him. For Lenny, Jet said his ingredients are cooked through and the egg pie is successful. Bobby spits out the sopapilla and says that is not what he has made.

RESULTS: The contestants are back in front of Bobby and Alton for the results on Food Network Star 2014 tonight. The winner of Heat #1 is Christopher and wins $2,500 since he did not bid on anything. The winner of Heat #2 is Emma and wins $1,200. They are both safe tonight. The four contestants up for elimination this week are Chris and Loreal from Heat #1 and we have Lenny and Kenny from Heat #2. Everyone else is safe tonight. Who would you send home? Please let it be Kenny! His dish sucked and he had no sabotages!

ELIMINATION: The judges discuss the bottom four contestants and then they come back out in front of the judges. Lenny has done enough in the past, so he is safe. They thought Kenny talked and presented well, but his food did not hold up and they send him home!

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star 2014 tonight?

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