The competition continues tonight on Food Network Star 2014, as the contestants will head back to the kitchen on Next Food Network Star 2014 and take on their first Mentor Challenge and Star Challenge. This will be a tough one for the contestants on Food Network Star Season 10, because the Food Network Stars mentors 2014 (Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay) will have some surprises up their sleeves! Check it out with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 2

Last week on Next Food Network Star 2014, the contestants made their way to the Hollywood lot and a premiere party was thrown in their honor, but they would be cooking the food for it! They had to create party bites for 100 guests and got served the red carpet treatment, but in the end one of them had to go home. Donna Sonkin Shaw was a little loopy and out there and her energy was over-the-top and the judges weren’t feeling her and didn’t know her exact point-of-view and decided to send her home!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…Sarah did not like the pageantry comments from the judges last week, so she is hoping to change that up this week!

MENTOR CHALLENGE: The contestants head to the kitchen and meet Alton Brown. They will be broken up into two teams and will be teaching Alton how to make green bean casserole and chicken fried steak! They will each have steps along the way and not be able to use their own hands, but this is a test to check out their teaching skills!

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE: Lenny starts them strong and Alton likes his teaching skills. Christopher goes next and has him dice up onions, but Sarah does not think it is done properly. So, she comes in next and has Alton do the onions over again and make them into strips. Alton is impressed. Then Luca comes in and he talks about his grandmother and Alton likes it. Reuben comes in and misses adding flour, which Aryen needs to come in next and fix, but she is not sure. Lenny tells her what to do before she goes up. It is her turn and it works out, which Alton is impressed by and praises her for. Lenny is pissed because it was his teaching that got Aryen to know what to do!

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK: Chris is up first and Alton brings out the beef and it is a huge amount. Alton thinks he leads him well through cutting the meat. Loreal comes in and she is a butcher, so she helps Alton cut the meat properly and her confidence is extraordinaire. Alton liked her giving Grandma tips. He liked the precision from Nicole. Emma comes in and starts cooking the meat and Alton splashes the oil everywhere and then dead-air as we watch the meat cook on Food Network Star 2014! Kenny is next and has to make the gravy, which he has never done before! He throws in some corn starch in and it chunks up!

Challenge is done and Alton said Sarah and Aryen! Lenny is pissed because the praise for Aryen comes from his teaching, so should he have kept it hush-hush and not tell her tips?

STAR CHALLENGE: They have 15 minutes to create a dish from typical household ingredients and teach the viewers how to make that dish on camera! Alton is joined by Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay and they will watch from a television to see how they all do! There is a special twist, as Chef Alex Guarnaschelli will be cooking and following the directions from the contestants to see how well they instruct!

LENNY: Waldorf Crab Cake. He is very entertaining and Chef Alex said he is very clear and liking him. He is funny and entertaining and makes the whole episode into a funny story! He comes out and sees Chef Alex and is wowed. The judges taste both dishes and are impressed. Bobby said he is seeing that Lenny is a good chef.

ARYEN: Brazilian Beef Stew. Chef Alex said she would not eat it, but she likes her. Giada does not like the food and Alton said it is bland. Bobby said to attach her story to her food and they haven’t gotten that.

LOREAL: Brunch Salad. The judges think she is very boring. Chef Alex said she is easy to follow. Alton said they got a vapor of the real Loreal. They loved the dish, but not her on camera.

REUBEN: Chef Alex said she is getting lost with his instructions. The judges say he talks too fast and a home cook would not be able to keep up with him. Alton said he must find a way to slow down.

NICOLE: Giada said she is giving some good information, but she is low energy. Chef Alex seems to like the tips. Bobby said he liked the salad very much and liked her tip of using their ears. Giada wanted to see someone having fun.

CHRIS: He does not put the oil in the pan in time to get hot enough to cook the wontons. He was being flashy, but he needs to focus on cooking! He runs out of time and nothing is on the plate! Bobby said he likes watching him. They liked him as a host, but he did not finish!

LUCA: He is not looking at the camera and just focused on his work and the judges say he is boring! Chef Alex said he looks nervous. Alton wants to change the channel. Giada said the fish needs more seasoning, but he needs to connect. Bobby said if he can’t look at the camera, then he can’t get this job.

EMMA: Chef Alex said she is very clear, but she feels lulled to sleep by her. Bobby said it is very good. Giada enjoys the way she cooks, but she needs to pick up the pace and her voice got monotone.

CHRISTOPHER: Chef Alex said he uses a lot of kitchen slang. Alton said you can tell he is a restaurant chef and taking advantage of the amounts to use. He has talking points, but share the amounts.

SARAH: She makes turkey burgers for date night and is not happy with the concept. Bobby said it is bland and dry. Alton said it is a date with his Mom! Giada said she felt comfortable and good time management.

KENNY: Bobby said he speaks well and has command of the camera. He is busy prepping the fish and talking about the fish. He finally starts the pan and can’t get a fire going! He ends up with no food on the plate! Giada said he is a good talker, but not sure if he can talk and cook at the same time. Bobby said he has to fight through it.

RESULTS: The contestants are back in front of the judges. They all get some good advice from the judges and we find out that Lenny was the winer tonight. Safe: Nicole, Emma, Aryen, Sarah, Loreal, Christopher and Reuben. That means Kenny, Chris and Luca are the bottom three tonight on Food Network Star 2014! Who would you send home?

The judges discuss the three contestants and the results are in! The contestant eliminated tonight on Food Network Star Season 10 is Luca!!! He is so pretty and would have done well, but he did not look at the camera and that cost him. I think he can be good, but does need some more time and practice!

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star 2014 tonight?

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