We get to find out the finalists on Food Network Star 2014 tonight, as the final four contestants will pitch their show ideas to the Food Network executives and three will move on to shoot pilots on Next Food Network Star 2014! This is it for these contestants on Food Network Star Season 10 and one of them will fall short, but be so close! Who makes the Food Network Star 2014 finale next week? Watch it all go down tonight with us during our Food Network Star 2014 Recap and see who went home on Food Network Star 2014 tonight!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 10

The contestants took on family dinner issues for viewers of The Rachael Ray Show last week on Food Network Star 2014Luca was eliminated early in the competition for his lack of camera skills, but he came back from Star Salvation and has proven he deserves to win it all! He survived, but Loreal was cut after failing to live up to the Butcher Babe status she claimed every week! Now we get to see the final four contestants pitch their show concepts and three will move on to shoot pilots of their possible show!

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Who goes home tonight on Food Network Star 2014? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE: The contestants meet the judges at Gotham West Market. This is where they will make the promos for their show idea. They will present the promos to the Food Network executives and they will green light three of them to shoot their pilots! They have 30 seconds to win over the executives.

Nicole is first and they want her to be more specific, but it seems like she has lost that energy from the last couple competitions. Sarah is next and starts good, but then chokes up and forgets everything she was going to say! More struggles for Luca with the camera and working with that camera. Lenny is just babbling and making no sense and I have no clue what he is saying, which makes me sad! They are showing a lot of Lenny’s video, but why?

JUDGING: The contestants are back in front of the executives to see who moves on to shoot their pilots.

NICOLE – They said they love her comfort and down-home style. She said she didn’t travel much, but they said they want someone that has lived the experience. They think she is good on camera, but Bobby Flay said she has to have a good idea. They said her theme is too broad.

SARAH – They love her enthusiasm. They did not think it was authentic and questioned why she did not mention being a mom. They think Texas has a lot to showcase, but not sure if she is the one to do it.

LUCA – They enjoyed watching him and say he has grown big time since his elimination. They say he has the whole package and think he had star power today, so no negative comments on Next Food Network Star 2014.

LENNY – They say his food is fantastic and has fun in people, but his video seems tense. They say he is good in front of crowds and he is an amazing cook, but he lost everything they love about him in that promo video!

RESULTS: The contestants are back in front of the judges and the three contestants getting to shoot pilots are:

  • Luca
  • Nicole
  • Lenny

That means Sarah has been eliminated on Food Network Star 2014 tonight and a good choice by the judges! What do you think?

CHALLENGE: The remaining contestants will be shooting a pilot that shows who they are and what their show will be. They will be directed by a guest mentor and the pilots will be voted on by the fans!

Luca is up first and he sees the guest mentor is Robert Irvine and Lenny is nervous and struggling with his words! Luca starts and Robert stops him immediately! I don’t know what it is, but Lenny is beyond nervous and this is killing me! He finally gets it together and we are moving on. He moves on to talking with a restaurant guy and he struggles, but gets that and then goes to the kitchen and shines! We’ll see what the final product is though.

Nicole is up next and meets Robert. She has the same struggles with the initial video, but gets it down. She starts the cooking, but is giving details about her recipe and it is so detailed and Robert stops her. He wants her to have more fun with it, so she drinks some beer and it calms her down and she is more fun and I am liking it. First time I have seen her take the nerves down!

Now it is time for Luca to shoot his pilot on Food Network Star Season 10. He starts the video and he is trying to be so perfect, which is making him think too much and screw up. He then moves on to meeting an executive chef and he is struggling with talking to the beautiful woman. He gets it together and then moves to the kitchen to cook his own dish. Robert said he sold him on the dish with how he explained it.

Here we go! Time to watch the pilots on Next Food Network Star 2014! Lenny is first and it all comes together nicely, but he sounds nervous with his voice and struggling with words. I don’t like that, but he does get more comfortable when he gets into the kitchen.

Nicole is up next and I am a fan, which I have not been a huge fan of her all season long. She nailed this and it looked like a show I could see on the Food Network and she was natural.

The last pilot comes from Luca. Sure, he is very nice to look like on that camera, but I was not feeling the charm this time around. He did a decent job, but it seemed too forced for me.

The pilots are done and you can click here to vote for your favorite. Who are you voting for???

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