The pilots have been shown and the votes have been tallied and the winner of Food Network Star 2014 will be announced tonight on Food Network! It has been a bumpy road to the Next Food Network Star 2014 finale, but three finalists remain (Luca Della Casa, Nicole Gaffney and Lenny McNab) and one of them will receive some amazing news, but who wins Food Network Star Season 10 tonight? Check out our thoughts below in our Food Network Star 2014 predictions!

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Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

It was all about the pilots and these new shows last week on Food Network Star 2014! The four remaining contestants got the chance to shoot promo videos for their possible show ideas. From there, the judges and Food Network executives decided which three they wanted to green light to shoot a pilot. It was Lenny, Luca and Nicole that got the go ahead, which meant Sarah was eliminated! They then shot their pilots and America got a chance to view them and vote for their favorites and the results are revealed tonight!

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So, who is going to win? This is a tough one for me! I have, truly, been a fan of Lenny all season long. He started so strong and his personality seemed like it would shine on TV. However, the last couple weeks he has struggled and his promo video was rough and he got nervous in front of the camera. His pilot seemed too tense and nervous. Luca has been great and a good comeback story. Very nice on the eyes, but his pilot was not that exciting to me. I was surprised, but I found Nicole and her pilot to be enjoyable. She was very laid back (maybe a little tipsy from the beer she was cooking and drinking with)! Of the three pilots, I think hers was the most enjoyable on Next Food Network Star 2014.

I don’t know if that will turn into votes though. I think it will come down to Luca and Lenny in the final two and I think Lenny will be crowned the winner of Food Network Star Season 10!

Which contestant will win tonight on Food Network Star 2014?

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