Update: If there’s anything I’ve learned about this season of “American Idol” it’s that the numbers don’t make sense (There was talk of a Top 40, A Top 20, now it’s back to Top 24. None of it makes sense). The people who made it through last night were being called the Top 50 but AmericanIdol.com has 61 people listed as Las Vegas hopefuls.  So below is the list of “Las Vegas hopefuls” according to AmericanIdol.com.

Hollywood Week wrapped up this week and 61 “American Idol” hopefuls are off to sing Beatles tunes in Las Vegas. It’s been hard trying to figure out who made it to the Top 50 (or 61) but we finally have a list and it’s straight from Fox.

American Idol’s Las Vegas Hopefuls:

Aaron Sanders, 26, Audition City: New Jersey

Adrian Michael, 18, New Orleans

Alex Ryan, 17, New Jersey

Ashley Sullivan, 25, New Jersey

Ashton Jones, 24, Nashville

Becca Boom, 16, MySpace

Brett Loewenstern, 16, New Orleans

Brittany Mazur, 21, San Francisco

Caleb Hawley, 25, New Jersey

Carson Higgins, 22, Los Angeles

Casey Abrams, 19, Austin

Casey Shcuber, 17, New Jersey

Chelsea Sorrell, 22, Nashville

Chris Medina, 26, Milwaukee

Chrissy Fellciano, 23, Milwaukee

Clint Jun Gamboa, 26, San Francisco

Colton Dixon, 18, Nashville

Deandre Brackensick, 15, San Francisco

Denise Jackson, 20, Milwaukee

Erin Kelly, 20, New Orleans

Haley Reinhart, 18, Milwaukee

Hollie Cavanagh, 17, Austin

Jacee Badeaux, 15, New Orleans

Jackie Wilson, 28, Nashville

Jacob Lusk, 23, Los Angeles

Jacqueline Elliot, 24, San Francisco

Jalen Harris, 15, Nashville

James Durbin, 21, San Francisco

Jerome Bell, 27, Milwaukee

Jessica Cunningham, 24, New Jeresey

Jimmie Allen, 24, Nashville

John Wayne Schulz, 22, Austin

Jonathas Ojeda, 21, Austin

Jordan Dorsey, 21, New Orleans

Jovany Barreto, 22, New Orleans

Julie Zorrilla, 19, San Francisco

Karen Rodriguez, 21, MySpace

Kendra Campbell, 21, Nashville

LaKeisha Lewis, 23, Los Angeles

Lauren Alaina, 15, Nashville

Lauren Turner, 24, New Orleans

Luke James Schaffer, 25, New Jersey

Matthew Suyat, 24, New Jersey

Melinda Ademi, 16, New Jersey

Molly DeWolf Swensen, 22, Milwaukee

Naima Adedapo, 25, Milwaukee

Natalie Hanson, 20, New Orleans

Paul McDonald, 25, Milwaukee

Phil Brooks, 16, Los Angeles

Pia Toscano, 21, New Jersey

Rachel Zevita, 21, New Jersey

Robbie Rosen, 16, New Jersey

Scotty McCreery, 16, Milwaukee

Sophia Shorai, 28, Milwaukee

Stefano Langone, 21, San Francisco

Symphony Music Howlett, 20, New Orleans

Tatynisa Wilson, 20, Milwaukee

Thia Megia, 15, Milwaukee

Tim Halperin, 23, MySpace

Tiwan Strong, 28, Milwaukee

Wade Brown, 17, Nashville